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Mens Wallets – Our Top Picks

Men’s wallets are easily the most overlooked item in a man’s life. They’re one of the most significant tools you own and use daily. After all, it goes with you everywhere. It offers you instant access to cash or credit (especially beneficial in an emergency).

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The Best Pre Shave Oil for Men

Choosing the best pre-shave oil for men can help you attain a closer, smoother shave without those nasty razor bumps or irritating razor burn from appearing after. Pre-shave oil goes on before the razor touches your skin and applies a thin, lubricating layer that helps to protect the skin by […]

Men's Style

The Best Designer Glasses for Men

You might be wondering what designer glasses for men and grooming have in common, but as any man who needs glasses knows, everything! Your glasses become a part of your personality and your attire. They can enhance your eyes, not just your vision. Glasses, when worn correctly can become a major focal point, framing your face.

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The Best Hand Products for Men

Whether you work indoors on a dirt-collecting keyboard all day, or out in the construction field where hands are master tools, our hands are often overlooked; yet they are one of the most vital aspects of our wellbeing. They are exposed to most of your body and can transfer dirt, oil, and grime from the day, causing nasty infections. Or, they can bring about much needed gratification and joy to others and you.

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The Best Deodorant for Men

Many men wear the wrong deodorant without understanding the consequences. Finding the best deodorant for men involves more than grabbing the first stick off the shelf and hoping for the best. It requires patience, perseverance, extensive testing, time reviewing the symptoms of deodorant failure – pit stains, lingering smells. No […]

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The Best Hair Gel For Men

Choosing the best hair gel for men got a whole lot easier. Thanks to some expert reviews and product experience, Male Standard is here to help you make an informed decision that can help shape your hair with added curb appeal. Looking for the best hair gel means that your hair needs are met, and that you can gain the added confidence of knowing that your style will stay in shape all day.