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The Best Deodorant for Men

Many men wear the wrong deodorant without understanding the consequences. Finding the best deodorant for men involves more than grabbing the first stick off the shelf and hoping for the best. It requires patience, perseverance, extensive testing, time reviewing the symptoms of deodorant failure – pit stains, lingering smells. No one said male grooming was easy, but this next revelation might make a massive difference!

Even before you leave the house, you’ve probably committed your first mistake. Do you know the difference between deodorant and anti-perspiration? If you said, “It’s the same dang thing,” you’re wrong! While they both target underarms, and sweat, they go about in two very different ways. Deodorant combats actual sweat (acquired through rigorous video gaming), whereas anti-perspirant works to prevent sweat, big difference.

Before we can reveal the Top 5 Best Deodorants for Men, ask if this is a product you should be using.

How to Decide Between Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant

Tens of men are allergic to aluminium, contained in most deodorants, and suffer the itching and burning for no other reason than they think they ‘ought to. Only use deodorant when you don’t have time for even a quick shower, as a temporary solution, and when sweating is unavoidable during the day. Men’s deodorant was never supposed to become a daily use item; it can be drying to sensitive skin and cause bumps and redness.

If you are a heavy sweater, deodorant can help you get through the day more comfortably and drily, but an antiperspirant would be more beneficial. You can find out more on why that is here.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then keep reading:

  • Do you suffer from mild or infrequent sweating?
  • Do you lead an active lifestyle or live in a warm, humid climate?
  • Do you notice wet patches or sweat stains on clothing?
  • Do you want to smell good, without spending a fortune?
  • Do you want to feel fresher for longer?

Then read on, you might be a great match and benefit from one of these awesome men’s deodorants shown below!

1. Gillette Clinical Odor Shield 2 in 1

Gillette Clinical Odor Shield looks like the sports formula, but has vastly different properties that combat excessive sweating and odor. The odor elimination is best suited towards extreme use, containing an anti-persistent; this two in one serves as a dual action product for men on the go. Containing a skin conditioner, ideal for ideal skin types, this will help reduce uncomforting stickiness with long-lasting protection.

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2.  Dove Men Care 48 Hour Protection, Clean Comfort

While deodorants should be used for short-term relief, sometimes longer resistance to sweat and odor is needed. This is where Dove Men Care 48 hour protection comes in. This no fuss, no fragrance deodorant is a great way to tackle the elements and offers a clean and fresh feeling for up to 48 hours. This is ideal for sensitive skin, but ideal for those who need extra (but not extreme) protection.

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3. Earth Science Natural Deodorant

Earth Science Natural Deodorant is a natural alternative to chemical deodorants that can irritate skin. Available in three scents, all natural and plant based, you can also choose from an unscented version for a clean sensation with no frills. Unlike conventional deodorants, no additives or chemicals are added, but the lichen extract sooth and clean the skin to ensure odor is minimized. This is also vegan friendly, and offers all day protection and should meet most demands.

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Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural Defense

Arm and Hammer have a long history of quality products, and this no fuss deodorant is a great daily use item that won’t dry out skin. The Essentials Natural deodorant is designed for men and comes in unscented and fresh; ideal for men. This product does not contain aluminum or Paraben additives, and has great odor elimination control. Arm and Hammer deodorant also combats temporary and excessive sweating; think clubbing!

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5. Tom of Maine’s Men’s Long-lasting Stick Deodorant

Tom of Maine’s is specifically designed for active men, and will not dry out or unbalance men’s underarm skin. The long-lasting deodorant comes in woodsprice, which is a masculine fragrance that utilizes hops as the active odour ingredient (also the main ingredient in beer, which is pretty neat!) This is another all natural, all vegan, but for only men formula, and was the first natural deodorant on the market – some 40 years ago.

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Choosing the Best Deodorant for Men

Deodorants are often heavily scented, and why many men choose them, but it is an added factor to consider. Not everyone is looking for fragrance and odor “cover-up.” Above you will find an assortment of fresh, clean scented products, unscented products, and even a hardy masculine scented deodorant. Which one you use will be your personal choice, but none of these will steer you in the wrong direction!

For more information on who to get the most out of your male grooming routine, check out The Ultimate Guide to Grooming for expert tips and top application techniques.