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Does Insurance Cover Classic Car Restoration?

As an owner of a classic car, you’re well aware of the time, energy and financial investment required to maintain its prime condition. Your vintage vehicle is special, and the same should go for its insurance. Regular auto insurance often falls short in providing comprehensive coverage for your antique or […]


6 Ways To Get Rid Of An Old Or Used Car

Cars have been faithfully serving for years since their introduction to society. However, after a long service period, a car will tend to lose its sharp performance, which is when you need to learn to say goodbye. This is also beneficial, as you can immediately upgrade to a newer model. […]


13 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Project Car

It can be challenging to know when to sell your project car. Finding a suitable buyer may be challenging for older or rare cars. Project cars are older models considered classic or collectible and require fixing to get them running in good condition. Many car enthusiasts enjoy working on project […]


What kind of SUV do you need?

The SUV has exploded in popularity in recent decades, thanks to a combination of rugged reliability and style. If you’re considering making an investment in an SUV, then you might find yourself slightly bewildered by the sheer range of options available to you. So, what kind of SUV makes the […]

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PPF vs. Vinyl Wrap: Pros and Cons

Is paint protection film worth it? The paint protection market is worth an estimated $280.18 million USD, showing that paint protection film successfully protects your vehicle. There are several types of paint protection solutions you can choose from. In particular, there is PPF and vinyl wrap. Let’s discuss what each […]

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Benefits Of Diesel Pickup Trucks

There are many factors to consider when wanting to purchase a pickup truck. You should be looking at its size, its price as well as what type of pickup truck is going to fit your lifestyle. With so many makes and models to choose from you will be guaranteed to […]