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Benefits Of Diesel Pickup Trucks

There are many factors to consider when wanting to purchase a pickup truck. You should be looking at its size, its price as well as what type of pickup truck is going to fit your lifestyle.

With so many makes and models to choose from you will be guaranteed to find a vehicle that best suits you. One very important factor to think about is whether you want a pickup truck that runs on gas or diesel.

Diesel may not be the obvious choice for most but it certainly has its benefits. Much like the GWM Cannon, diesel pickup trucks can be a good choice.

What is a diesel pickup truck?

The obvious answer here is that it runs on diesel fuel. Looking deeper into what makes a pickup truck run with diesel is how the truck burns this specific fuel.

What makes a diesel truck is that although it has an internal combustion engine like a gas truck it also has a compression ignited injection system.

Many diesel vehicles have added after treatment components that reduce particles as well as break down nitrogen oxide emissions which is dangerous into nitrogen and water which is harmless.

More Torque

A significant of torque is sent to the driveshaft because of the way a diesel truck burns its fuel. This gives the vehicle more power when accelerating as well making it easier for the vehicle to maintain this power.

More torque allows the vehicle to maintain power even in the harshest conditions. It is also an advantage when towing heavy-duty loads. This advantage of having more power when towing is that the truck is able to burn fuel more efficiently which ultimately decreases fuel costs.

A truck that runs on diesel makes it a good choice for any kind of recreational and work-related use as it can withstand heavy loads such as caravans, sports vehicles heavy machinery and more.

Smooth and quiet driving

Modern diesel vehicles much like the GWM Cannon have been improved to be less noisy than their earlier versions. This noise was normally a clear indication of the difference between gas-fuelled and diesel-fuelled vehicles.

This is no longer the case as modern diesel vehicles are more refined in their development.

Better fuel economy

A major benefit of having a diesel truck is that it has better fuel economy. Diesel trucks offer 30% to 35% more fuel economy than gas trucks.

This is because a diesel engine does not need to burn as much fuel to power the vehicle. Although diesel fuel is more expensive you will be saving on refilling as the vehicle uses less.

This advantage is more visible in the long run as diesel pickup trucks are often more expensive. This investment comes to play in the long run as not only will you refill less, therefore, saving money on fuel the cost of vehicle ownership is also less.

Less Maintenance

Diesel trucks are less maintenance because they do not have as many components as a gas trucks and hybrid engines. Diesel trucks do not have components like a distributor or spark plugs that need checks which makes them easier to maintain.

They are more dependable and made to withstand high compressions. This means that they will last longer and will not require constant replacements, making them cost-effective in the long run.

This, however, does not mean that you should not be doing regular checks on your diesel engine. Replacing the air, oil and filter components of your diesel truck regularly is important.

With diesel engines being more technologically advanced it is best to get their components replaced by a licensed mechanic.

Resale Value

Purchasing a diesel truck, even secondhand is proving to be a good choice for many. There are so many factors that are contributing to this and have therefore made the diesel truck the better choice.

Even if it has logged a number of miles, its reliability, low maintenance and is made to last completely trump the gas truck. This is why many people will choose to spend more when purchasing a diesel truck.

As for the owner wanting to sell their truck, they can be assured that their diesel truck will be a good return on investment as it has these factors that will count in their favour.


Diesel trucks, like the GWM Cannon, are in high demand and are proving to be the better choice. Its benefits outweigh the gas truck and are major contributors to its market value.

They are reliable and cost-effective which will always be a plus.