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Are Mustaches Becoming Popular Again?

The mustache, often associated with dictatorship, power, protest, and kink, has never been a universally favored facial hair choice. Over the years, it has even fallen out of fashion. However, in a surprising twist, the latest Hollywood blockbusters have catapulted the mustache into the forefront, surpassing even the influence of […]

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Male grooming trends to try in 2023

Between 2015 and 2017 the market value for men’s grooming increased by nearly £100 million. As men become more comfortable and aware of grooming including skin care, facial hair care and cosmetic procedures, you may be wondering what grooming products and procedures could work for you. Here we will take […]

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The Role of Fragrance in Men’s Grooming

A man’s daily grooming ritual is not complete without having a good level of confidence, and nothing can contribute more to this feeling than a great-smelling fragrance. Fragrances can affect how a person feels, and the right scent can make all the difference in mood. This blog will explore the […]