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The 8 Most Entertaining Premier League Teams

To say that it has been a strange season for the Premier League is somewhat of an understatement. With a post-pandemic restart, the European Super League debacle and fan protests, this season will be one to remember for many negative reasons. However, just as it always does, English football has […]


Sporting Atmospheres Every Fan Should Experience

The rumble of a stadium or the cheering alongside the track, there is no better atmosphere than in a sporting area during a big event, an experience that simply cannot be matched. There are countless big events in the worldwide sporting calendar, but there are some that are on the […]

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Cam Newton Told Us “The Dab Is DEAD”

The 2016 NFL season kicks off tomorrow with a match-up featuring MVP Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers taking on defending Super Bowl champs, the Denver Broncos. While Cam is revered in NFL circles for his special abilities on the field, he is perhaps even more well-known in popular culture […]