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How to Buy and Save Money on Sports Tickets

Watching the biggest events in the United Kingdom and Europe doesn’t have to break the bank.  If you enjoy watching live sporting events, then you will now expensive that can be. The last games for Liverpool FC tickets sold for an average for £400 in the secondary ticket market. A ticket for the Champions League Final can cost in excess of £2000 for the cheapest ticket and over £4000 if you want a good location.

Don’t let these prices put you off, there are still ways for you to purchase tickets to major games and still have money for everything else. As with all things, price of the ticket is determined by demand and supply. The bigger the demand the normally the higher the price.

There are minor tips and advice that you can try the next time you want to purchase a ticket, including day of purchase and how early to buy etc. By following some of these tips you might be able to save several hundred pounds or event more.

Direct Purchase from Team (or Venue)

Always visit the official website of the venue to check for tickets or the link to the primary ticket website. If you live close to the venue or club then it is always worth making the visit to the box office to request seats. Some venues remove added fees and have extra inventory that sometimes the website doesn’t have. The FA have a list of all Premier League clubs and venues.

Choose the day

The most expensive tickets are for events that take place at weekends, choose a mid-week fixture to get a better deal. For example Arsenal home tickets cost on average £80 for mid-week games but rise to over £120 for weekend matches. Be sure to compare all ticket prices across different days to get a clear idea of the best option.

Weather Forecast

The weather on game day will effect demand for tickets and therefore if cold weather is expected then prices can often decrease. Outdoor events are those that will usually fluctuate in price even though demand for indoors can lower if the weather is nice.

Check Leading Apps

If you are looking to see an event at the last moment then Apps are a great way to get good deals. By monitoring the prices and setting up alerts, it is easy to judge when to purchase, Seat-Compare, GameTime and Stubhub are well know sites. For some events, ticket prices can actually be lower than the official website because of low prices. Most of the websites charge a service charge but for English football use Seat Compare, the leading comparison website for sold-out tickets. Manchester United tickets are always in high demand and with the summer signings expect next season to increase.

Delay Purchase As Long As You Can

For many events the best option is to purchase tickets as late as possible due to the late rush to sell seats. For tickets directly from the official venue then purchase the tickets early, they are at face-value , however for other events then wait as much as you can.

Choose Your Team Wisely

For tickets to the leading teams then prices will be high because of the increase demand. Whilst it is always good to to watch a winning team, it will cost. For example, Liverpool FC are having their best period of football in 20+ years and with this tickets are now the most expensive in world football.

Regardless of the event, be sure to try not to overspend on your tickets and with everything going on with social distancing etc be safe.