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New Advances in Golf Driver Technology

Technology has had a tremendous impact on golf in the past fifteen to twenty years. There have been changes in the golf balls, shoes, clubs, and equipment that have significantly impacted the game. Golf these days is more enjoyable and more straightforward. Manufacturers have become innovative, and this has made golf accessible, inclusive, and eco-friendly. Advanced equipment has helped the golf players improve their game. Below is a list of new advances in golf driver technology;

Golf Club Technology

The golf clubs are equipment in the game that has evolved the most for the last fifteen years. The ball’s weight, aerodynamics, and better graphite shafts have made it possible to hit the ball straighter and more prolonged. Aerodynamics is factored in as the manufacturers make the head of the driver. The head of the driver has more speed and is less resistant to wind. The components inside the club are stronger but lighter than in the past. This makes the club lighter in weight. Manufacturers are allowed to design drivers that are 460cc in measurement.

More Forgiving Drivers

Technology has brought about drivers that reduce a terrible swing and poor contact with the ball. These drivers are more forgiving for the imperfect contact with the ball. The new drivers with increased forgiveness are called ‘game improvement clubs.’ The new Callaway Epic Max driver can hit the ball at an incredible speed and with an unmatched level of forgiveness. This has made the game far more accessible and enjoyable for the player. Granted, a good club will not convert an amateur to a professional golfer overnight, but it will make a significant difference regardless.

48-inch Drivers on Tour

Technology is changing every aspect of the drivers as there is now an ongoing test of a 48-inch driver. The new driver is longer by 2.25-inches than the regular size 45.75-inch driver. This test has opened the door for manufacturers to design longer drivers, which are also on trial. A longer driver is more forgiving as it can swing harder. The extended driver hits the ball at an incredible speed and maintains accuracy. This year, a 48-inch driver will be a common sight in the tournaments and will impact the 2021 season.

Combo Iron Sets

Though combo iron sets have been in the field for a while, lately, they’ve gained popularity. Manufacturers are now designing models that are mixed and matched. The retailers are marketing these models as they are easier to purchase this way. The golfer will have a variety of clubs to choose from for his game. The set will have clubs with higher launching long irons that are more forgiving and mid and short irons. A golfer will be spoilt for choice as he goes through a set of clubs to decide which will help him improve his game.

Custom Fitting Experiences

The new technology allows a golfer to order tailor-made clubs made according to his preference. The golfer will enjoy playing as he will use clubs that he feels comfortable and at ease with. The experience of custom fitting when purchasing new clubs is both exciting and fulfilling. Since professionals will assist the golfer in the game as he custom fits the clubs, he will gain insight into his skills as a player. The cost of the clubs might be high, but the experience and treat he gets will be worth it.

Balanced Putters for Straighter Putters

Technology has developed more balanced putters, and this keeps the putts on target. The ball does not veer off course when hit by the putter’s face. The golfer needs to know what kind of strokes he has before he purchases a putter. There are two versions of putters to choose from, the face-balanced putter and the toe-hang putter. The straight putter player should go for the face-balanced putter. A golfer who plays with an arcing stroke is better suited for a toe-hang putter. Playing with a putter well suitable to your strokes improves your game.

The Head Size Restrictions

The invention of lighter materials in the manufacturing of the club has increased the size of the clubhead. The clubhead has had generational changes in the materials used to make it. First, it was made from persimmon, then went to metal, than from metal to titanium, the current material. To standardize the size of the driver’s heads, the golf industry has put the limit to a volume of 460 cubic centimeters. (460cc)

The technological changes in golf make it possible to enjoy this classic sport more than one could ever imagine. The innovations and improvements have made the game easy to learn and accessible to many people.