What kind of SUV do you need?

The SUV has exploded in popularity in recent decades, thanks to a combination of rugged reliability and style. If you’re considering making an investment in an SUV, then you might find yourself slightly bewildered by the sheer range of options available to you.

So, what kind of SUV makes the best match for your motoring needs? Let’s assess a few of the standout options.

A family SUV

If you need space to accommodate a growing family, then there’s good news: there exists a sizeable sub-category of family-focused SUVs. These offer plenty of room in the interior, so that you can transport everyone in comfort and style. Look for entertainment features, space in the rear, and safety scores.

There are a number of cars in this category, with a few standing out for performance, style, and affordability. In fact, you can find new C3 Aircross for sale from reputable online vendors at a decent price.

Adventure SUV

It might be that your priorities lie elsewhere. If you know that you’re going to be frequently venturing off-road, then you need a vehicle that’s capable of withstanding the terrain. These are the cars that best match life on a farm, or active lifestyles. If you’re going to be driving through the remote countryside, the experience is typically made more enjoyable by a great adventure SUV.

If you really want to tackle inhospitable terrain, then you might go for something exceptionally heavy-duty – while you might think of this as something monstrous and fuel-hungry, the reality is that the shape of this niche is changing fast!

Luxury SUV

To keep pace with the growing demand for SUVs, many of the established high-end manufacturers have released their own luxury-focused versions. These are targeted toward executives who want the performance benefits of an SUV, but who don’t want to give up the luxuries that you might find in an upmarket saloon. Think plush leather, heated seats, and cutting-edge infotainment technologies.

Economical SUV

You might think that an affordable SUV is something of a contradiction in terms. After all, you have more weight to shift, and therefore the cost of fuel is probably going to be prohibitive for many.

On the other hand, many SUVs offer better fuel economy than you might think. And the cost of entry isn’t too steep, either – especially if you’re willing to venture into the second-hand market. A great economical SUV doesn’t need to break the bank, in other words!