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The Best Antiperspirant for Men

It’s time to switch out the Old Spice and Brut, and make way for one of these five contemporary contenders that are in-line for “top all-round best antiperspirant for men.” You might think that sticking to the same age-old routine is harmless, it sure beats not using anything at all, but the times are changing and you should be demanding more from your skin care routine. You want something that nourishes, moisturizes, and helps keep sweat marks at bay around the clock. An awesome antiperspirant does all this and more – it delivers confidence, that fresh feeling, and is a great way to stay on top of your personal hygiene.

Before we go any further, let’s clear up this male grooming myth; deodorant and antiperspirant are not the same thing despite many believing it so. Deodorant is what you use when you have to run from the gym to the office without time for a shower, and masks odor. Antiperspirant is what blocks and prevents sweat from occurring; think prevention and cure! With that said, here are our top picks in the running for the best antiperspirant for men.

As you’re about to see, choosing an antiperspirant that is ideal comes down to your personal preference and needs, but these should fit the bill for most men of all ages

1.     Degree Clinical Strength

If you lead an active life (think going to the gym five times a week, running around after the kids, and hiking on the weekend), you need an antiperspirant that can keep up with those demands and not let you down. Likewise, if you suffer from overactive sweat glands, a common complaint in many men, then finding a product that is suited to heavy demand is your best course of action; don’t put up with sweat!

Degree Clinical Strength is scientifically formulated to help keep wetness down 3x times more than other standardized products, if you’ve been battling with repeat applications that can dry out skin, try switching over and seeing if this helps. While antiperspirant does help in the fight, the last thing you want to do is add other problems into the equation. Dry skin might seem like a reasonable sacrifice, but why settle for less?

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2.      Speed Stick Stain Guard

If you’re less than fussed about your activity levels or don’t suffer from extreme sweat, then you might have noticed those annoying white marks that can ruin your day before it’s even begun. Many antiperspirants require you to stand around and wait for it to dry before dressing (and let’s face it, who actually does that) – especially if you are wearing black for fear of ending up looking like a zebra. The Speed Stick Stain Guard uses a scientific formula to help prevent streaking and comes in a natural or clean fragrance ideal for men. You’ll also enjoy the fresh scent and long lasting 24 hour protection, more than enough to see you through the day!

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3.      Men’s Science Advanced Deodorant

While this is a deodorant (not quite a contender for this list), it also contains an antiperspirant making it ideal for those who enjoy the benefits of feeling and smelling fresh. It also contains tea tree oil, no aluminum (which is damaging and easily absorbed by skin), and other natural, non-irritating ingredients that help prevent sweat as well as keeping odor at bay. This two in one package deal also targets bacteria which are the leading cause of odor, creating reliable results. It is a little pricy, and only lasts for 12 hours, but there are plenty of awesome reasons why we love this product.

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4.      Gillett Power Beads Cool Wave

Gillette has also devised two in one products that eliminate odors caused by bacteria, and aims to keep you smelling fresh all day long. Choose from either Cool Wave or Power Rush if you are looking for an all-action antiperspirant from a quality brand name on a budget. While this won’t have any fancy ingredients listed, it should meet the demands of most active men. It’s useful to add in that fragranced products are best used in conjunction with an entire line, to prevent the smell from one or the other overpowering the senses. As many men use Gillette shaving tools and gels, this is a great way to complement those actions.

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5.      Dove Extra Care

Dove is a great choice for men with sensitive skin, or who require a fragrance free, non-irritating formula.  At around $3 a stick, Dove Extra Care won’t break the bank, but it can deliver results for up to 48 hours – longer than any other on this list. Though, that’s not to say you shouldn’t be showering in-between, you mostly certainly should! Extra fresh is a strong antiperspirant that moisturizes underarms; unless you haven’t been subjected to dry skin or painful skin rashes, you won’t need us to tell you why this is important. Look after your skin and it’ll look after you is an age old wise Dove agree on.

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So Which is the Best Antiperspirant for Men?

Choosing one antiperspirant above another is sort of out of the question as what works for one might not necessarily work for someone else. What you can do is assess your own unique needs and find the product that best suits the results you are looking for to find your match. Are you active? Is odor control a problem? Do you need round the clock action or just some freshening up once in a while? – Therein lays your answer!

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