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The Best Dandruff Shampoo For Men

Let’s be honest, if you’ve got dandruff, you want to treat it quickly, but there’s tons of options to choose from, how on earth can you be certain you’re purchasing the best dandruff shampoo? The effectiveness of dandruff shampoo is ultimately dependent upon your hair and condition, but below are […]

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The Best 5 Scents of Manliness (Updated 2019)

I inhale his clean, wholesome scent. He smells of freshly laundered line and some expensive body wash. It’s intoxicating. I inhale deeply ~ 50 Shades of Grey – E.L. James Now then gentlemen, this quote came from the much-hyped novel that’s not only took control of the the best-seller charts; […]

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The Best Face Wash for Men

As a guy, does it really make a difference what face wash you use? Have you ever just grabbed a bar of soap and used it on your face? After all, face washes are all the same right? Wrong. A man’s skin is naturally unique. It’s more coarse and thicker […]

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The Best Beard Oils

The resurgence of facial hair is glorious. No more are we shackled to plainly being clean shaven, men are flexing their face rugs in the workplace and beyond. However, even the thickest, most lustrous beard deserves some TLC to grace the pages of your everyday life. The best beards are backed […]

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The Best Shorts for Men

If you think shorts are reserved for boys or the band members of AC/DC, think again. The best shorts for men are a staple accessory for summer. Shorts are loved for their versatility and effortless style, and can be paired with sweaters, shirts, jackets, and just about any other tops […]