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The Best Men’s Bronzers

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the coveted summer tan (and no, we’re not talking Jersey Shore here). You want a hint of color that makes you feel more confident, makes you look healthy and trim, and adds that certain sex appeal only summer […]

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The Best Hiking Boots for Men (New Picks 2020)

If the warm weather makes you want to get out there and explore the unknown terrain, you’re not alone. In fact, scientists say we’re more active in summers month, and that men who live in the warmer, most Southern hemisphere are less likely to gain weight, be overweight, or suffer from heart conditions so being fit and active could cost you big time.

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Style Guide: The Best Felt Hats for Men

If you’re looking for a stylish upgrade to your closet that won’t break the bank, we present to you the ever-faithful felt hat. Unlike top hats that are too formal and baseball caps, which are too casual (and should only be worn at sporting events), the felt hat is a game-changer.

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The Best Cologne for Men – Complete Guide

Stand in a gym locker room, and you will quickly understand the appeal of transitioning to the best solid cologne for men; instead of unapologetic sprays that can fill a room, solid cologne is a balm that carries the fragrance from your tin to your skin, and without offending innocent […]

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Why Men Over 21 Are Collagen Deficient

You might think that anti-aging skincare protocols are for men over 40, or even 50, but think again. Men as young as 21 are now expediting fine lines and wrinkles thanks to our crazy hectic modern lives. From fast food to long office hours, our modern environment is unforgiving. If […]