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The Best Cologne for Men – Complete Guide

Stand in a gym locker room, and you will quickly understand the appeal of transitioning to the best solid cologne for men; instead of unapologetic sprays that can fill a room, solid cologne is a balm that carries the fragrance from your tin to your skin, and without offending innocent passersby’s.

While you might think this is a relatively new concept, the truth is men have been using solid cologne since the Egyptian era, although there has been a modern resurgence. To apply solid cologne, all you have to do is heat the balm up between your fingers and apply to your neck, wrists, or elsewhere.

Unlike sprays, solid colognes have a more subtle and long-lasting effect and reserve the fragrance for people in your immediate area. This is by far the most sophisticated way to wear cologne and is a great travel companion, with TSA-friendly packaging.

When to Wear the Best Solid Cologne for Men

While nothing beats a splash of cologne on a night out, there are plenty of times in our daily lives that benefit from less intensity. For example, walking into a job interview, you want to appear confident, not smell like you’re going to an all-night rave.  Below are some suggestions of when to put the bottle of cologne down, and when to try out a solid cologne.

  • At the gym: In many places, the gym is a no fragrance zone, but for guys who absolutely can’t go without – solid cologne offers a chance to smell good without overpowering the guy next to you.
  • When swimming: While regular cologne washes off, the wax based formula of solid cologne means you get lasting fragrance that won’t wash of the second you slip into the water or sweat.
  • When travelling: Tin cans are ideal for passing through TSA, and make themselves doubly useful when boarding flights. No one wants to be overwhelmed with cologne on a long-distance flight, so respect boundaries, and invest in a quality solid cologne that you can apply discreetly.

Keep reading to find out the top 3 best solid cologne for men and where to buy them!

The 3 Best Solid Cologne for Men

Aroostook By Bawston & Tucker

If you love aquatic fragrances, like Acqua di Gio, but are looking for something off the beaten path, then you will likely be a big fan of Aroostook By Bawston & Tucker. This has all the key notes that made Acqua di Gio such a hit, but with a fresh, woodsy twist that will set you apart from the crowd.

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Shackleford by Fulton & Roark

For men seeking a mellow fragrance, Shackleford is a great choice. It’s refined and has a distinctly aged feel to it. This fragrance is for the traveler with plenty of stories, and who has seen the world. With top notes of sandalwood and warm amber, this is sure to be an instant classic.

Buy it at Huckleberry.

Douchebag By Aromi

Aromi is having fun with the name and almost obnoxious citrus notes, but believe us, this is still one of the best solid cologne for men. With notes of amber, mandarin, rosemary, jasmine, neroli, and patchouli, Douchebag is for the guy who doesn’t take life too seriously.

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Have you tried one of the best solid colognes for men? What did you think?