Men's Grooming

The Best Grooming Products Every Man Should Have

For men, the aisles of grooming products have grown significantly over the past few years. With the myriad of colors, textures, and silly shaped bottles, these aisles have become over-crowded with stuff men do not need. When it comes down to the best grooming products men routinely need to use, the list as actually short and simple. Since confidence and style need to emerge before you leave your house, getting ready for the day becomes vitally important to the successful man. Serving their purpose to help you appear clean and confident, the following items should be in your stockpile of hygiene at all times.

1. Face Scrub

Important for the early morning showers, a scrub provides a great way to clean up the who-knows-what from last night that is on your face. No one wants to go to work in the morning with clogged, dirty skin. Clean it out early with a face wash that has peppermint in it, helping to cool your skin before shaving.

2. Anti-Puff Eye Gel

For those fun mornings after you’ve had too much fun. For the days when you’re sick, but still warrior on to work because you have deadlines. No matter why you’ll need it, eventually you will need it. So be prepared with an anti-puff eye gel. Most people notice eyes right away, don’t have saddlebags on yours.

3. Shave Relief Cream

Depending on the thickness of your hair and the frequency of your shave, bumpy redness can become a nuisance in a man’s business and personal life. Help people keep thinking you are not thirteen years old by using a redness reducing cream that calms and nourishes your skin. Use right after you shave.

4. Face Moisturizing Formula

Based on your skin type, a moisturizer with SPF 15 in it should always be the last thing you put on before leaving. The SPF makes this a necessity, as you want to perpetuate the youth you have. Helping to keep your skin fresh and vitalized, a simple non-greasy moisturizer can be the difference that makes you appear confident.

5. After Shave

Not your dad’s kind that smells like a rodeo just had sex the leather interior of a ’66 Corvette. You want an after shave that has beneficial oil in it, such as Vitamin E or Lavender oils, and with little to no scent if possible. Avoid alcohol in products because, for the most part, your face doesn’t like being burned or dried out.

6. Body Wash

Now that you are an adult, you can simplify your bathing products. You don’t need separate soaps and shampoos/conditioners any more, since technology has given us the all in one body wash. Just stay away from the kinds that claim to provide benefits other than general cleanliness. Like the attempted 5 –in-1 products that say they can replace shaving gels, foams, or oils in addition to soap and shampoo.

Using these products daily will help your skin develop and maintain healthily over time. Skin awareness has become increasingly important over the past decade and a proper cleaning regimen can help keep you safe from the harmful tendencies of the outside world. With these products always at your disposal, rest assured no one will be judging if you are ready for the day or not. If you don’t like something or experience difficulties with a product – dispose and get a new one. Take care of your face and focus on using the best grooming products available. While it remains to be the focal point of every human interaction, you never know who is looking at it.