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The Best Designer Glasses for Men

You might be wondering what designer glasses for men and grooming have in common, but as any man who needs glasses knows, everything! Your glasses become a part of your personality and your attire. They can enhance your eyes, not just your vision. Glasses, when worn correctly can become a major focal point, framing your face. This is important as many women find men who wear glasses extremely sexy, but it’s all down to this expert tip:

Choosing the right set of glasses means that you take your face shape into consideration, and understanding your specific facial needs. What looks good on one man won’t on another. While you do need to visit an optician, knowing there are dozens of different designer frames out there that don’t cost a leg and an arm should give you inspiration. Try out different shapes and styles; even if you are unsure, to find out what truly works for you!

Below are some of the best designer glasses for men. These are Male Standard approved, and offer a unique look for every man.

1.  “Monte Carlo” Reading Glasses in Gun Metal

Available in some of the most unusual and attractive metal choices we have ever seen (such as gun metal, browned bronze and actual copper), the Monte Carlo collection is born from a city that encourages customizable style. These frames are sleek, modern, and highly becoming of a gentleman who is looking for understated quality. The lenses are medium sized, appropriate for daily wear and reading.

Ideal for the man who is confident in his style; and is looking for frames that can keep up with his day (not the other way around).

2. Porsche Reading Glasses (In Varying Strengths)  

Porsche may be synonymous with high-end cars, but their eyewear means you get premium technology and quality assured for a halfway decent price. These aren’t just something Kanye West would wear to the clubs, but are actually optimized for perfect vision. Tech friendly, these have a patented Rodenstock ColorMatic Lens technology (an iridescent sheen). They come in an assortment of specialized focal ranges to suit every conceivable vision need.

Ideal for men who are looking for something different or unique, and who have dark skin tones or tanned complexions (gold is a difficult color to pull off).

3. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is another company who dabbles in eyewear and come up trumps. The sleek, modern frames are unassuming but extremely attractive. These frames and lenses are equally super thin, making them ideal for daily wear. The black frames are also available in gray, brown, Havana and white, meaning finding your perfect flare is easy. The durable casing and glass cloth are an added bonus.

Ideal for the no fuss man who might wear contacts, but likes to keep a reliable set of reading glasses to hand just in case.

4. Calvin Klein Brown Tan Optical Lenses

Calvin Klein has solved the design problem of owning limited numbers of frames. This ombre-faded color is as attractive as it is practical. Now you can complete your other men’s accessories without investing in dozens of different colors. The frames are prescription ready and have reinforced resin for extra-long durability. These are an excellent choice for men with warmer skin tones, or who are looking for a perfect summer style.

Ideal for the trendsetter who is big on fashion. These frames are one of a kind and have a great shape for men with strong, angular facial features.

5. Police Men’s Designer Frames

Police have a long history of producing quality glasses at affordable prices. These are a superb option for men who are looking for bold style, with practicality. The brushed metallic arms give these glasses a modern twist, without losing out on the things you need from glasses; full visual quality. We like the extended size frames, which are not ridiculous, but equally, not as minimal s many other tiny frames on the market.

For the man who values being able to clearly, and who can be seen clearly by those around him. These will grab attention, but for the right reasons.

When it all comes down to it, your glasses should accentuate who you are. They should not be the first thing someone sees when they meet you. When you choose the right frame for your size (remember less is more), it becomes easy to choose a natural, stylish option that provide you with hours of vision. Glasses are incredibly chic, but it stems from how you how you wear them as much as why you wear them.

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