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The Best Pre Shave Oil for Men

Choosing the best pre-shave oil for men can help you attain a closer, smoother shave without those nasty razor bumps or irritating razor burn from appearing after. Pre-shave oil goes on before the razor touches your skin and applies a thin, lubricating layer that helps to protect the skin by gliding the razor over the hair; without trapping skin, which is what causes irritation and red bumps in the first place.

Pre-shave oil is also a terrific way to keep your skin in top condition as they contain quality oils that moisturize and protect your skin all day long. Male Standard has discovered the top five pre-shave products on the market, leaving you to decide which one is perfect for you. If you have sensitive skin, are looking for a classic barbershop finish, or just want to try something different, then we have some excellent suggestions for you!

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1. American Crew Lubricating Shave Oil

American Crew lubricating Shave Oil is a superb choice for men who like a no fuss, no fragrance, and no irritation shaving oil. With a focus on creating a non-greasy formula, men can rest easy knowing their shave oil won’t contribute towards acne or skin irritation. Containing Eucalyptus and clove, this antibacterial product reduces the risk of ingrown hairs and razor rash by using all natural ingredients.

2. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Oil

The Art of Shaving has taken a holistic approach to creating a nourishing pre-shave oil, and use essential oils across their product line to create a natural formula which has intensive healing and protective qualities. In this case, the Sandalwood essential oil offers a sensual masculine fragrance, without being overpowering. All essential oils are 100% guaranteed, and suitable for use on all skin types.

3. Anthony Logistics Shaving Oil

Anthony Logistics offer ideal pre-shave oil, which comes with a slightly higher but agreeable price tag. At under $20, you will get quality, natural ingredients, which help to reduce the risk of infection and irritation. This oil is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and suitable for all skin types and does not contain essential oils. As a bonus, additional Vitamin E helps repair and restorer lackluster skin.

4. Close Shave Oil

Dermalogica is another big hitter when it comes to skincare needs, and this pre-shave oil is no exception, providing 100% hypoallergenic products for even the most sensitive of skin. This oil can be used for styling goatees and mustaches, and the oil can be left on after the shave for an all-day moisturizing effect. This will leave you with a close shave, and any remaining hair shiny and well-kept, making it a strong contender for men who shave around beards and goatees.

5. Uber Close Shave Gel

Uber Close Shave Gel is the only vegan product on this list and contains no sulfates or intensive chemicals, which can damage skin. Every ingredient is natural, pure, and suitable for all skin types. Unlike others on the list, this is also not an oil formula, but a pre-shave gel, which makes it unique. The idea behind the gel is to offer additional cushioning technology to help you get a closer shave, with less irritation and damage.

Which Is The Best Pre Shave Oil For You?

When it comes to getting a close shave, each man has their own preference, but finding the ideal technique is something we can all help to achieve through trial and error. Test out a pre-shave oil and see if it makes a difference; share your results, or see what others are up to. Don’t forget to protect before you shave and then again after for the perfect close shave. While pre-shave oil is a great technique, it shouldn’t be the only defense against irritation.

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Leave a comment below and let us know which pre-shave oil you use! If you don’t use one, then let us know if it’s something you would consider indispensable, or that you want to try out.