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Ouch, That Stings! Tips For Men With Sensitive Skin

Do you cry at romantic movies with your gal pal? Do you secretly tune into Soap Operas? If you do, you’re reading the wrong article “dude.” This article isn’t for men who are in touch with their feminine side, but rather for men who find their skin getting flaky, itchy, red, or are inflicted with severe ingrown hairs. If you answered yes to the skin dramas listed above, weep no longer my touchy-skinned friend. I come bearing tips for your skin-plagues. Heed my call!

Turn down the heat.

Are you washing your skin under scalding water? Wash with lukewarm water. You don’t need to burn yourself in order to kill off acne-loving bacteria. Lukewarm water will be fine.

Mind your mother.

She told you to cut it out with that spanking—“You’ll go blind!” Well, easy does it with your hands when it comes to your skin, my easily-reddened friend. Don’t rub too hard with hands or a washcloth.

Alcohol is good for getting some “balls,” but not for your skin.

Avoid skincare products that have large amounts of alcohol, or detergent because they are both extremely drying as well as harsh. With that baby skin of yours, it’s best you keep the alcohol in your shot glass, and not in your facial products. Make extra special note of fragrances as well. Scents make moody skin bi-polar. Keep the peace with fragrance-free skincare.

Iron Man

Don’t shave with old disposable blades. That’s like begging your face to just break out in red tiger stripes! Razors are expensive, but old blades kill tender skin. Don’t do it my friend! You’ll be sorry you did.

Bring a Superpower

Don’t forget your sunblock, especially if your skin resembles Elmer’s Glue although everyone should wear sunblock. Speaking from experience as a fair-skinned young lass who has had a few sunburns in her lifetime—but not in ages!– you don’t want to get a sunburn. That’s the last thing that your delicate face needs. While risk for a sunburn in the winter might seem silly, if you’re outside, engaging in winter sports, or experiencing a blustery winter day, add SPF to your skin vocabulary. You can always get a decent sunblock by itself, but since you’re male and most likely unable to do more than one thing at a time, why not just use a moisturizer and sunscreen all in one? That way you have more room in your brain to remember important sexy visuals and sports statistics.

Boscia Oil Free Daily Hydration SPF 15

Try Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration with SPF15. This isn’t marketed for just men, but it’s a great product and as a fellow sister in sensitivity, I can assure you it’s worth a try! Neutrogena’s Men Sensitive Skin Oil-Free Moisture with SPF30 is also worth your bet, and cost-effective.

No need to be a Boy Scout

While I’m happy that you’re such a high-achieving man with numerous ladies and a nice paycheck, please go easy on “doing it” all with your precious skin, darling. Try one skin product at a time, even if you’ve used something from a brand before, and don’t overtreat with numerous serums or ingrown-hair treatments. When it comes to exfoliating your dead skin, continue to do so you filthy animal, but not too often. Scrub 1-3 times a week, max. Also, err on the side of caution: when trying a new skin product, try one at a time for at least a few days in a row. Allergic reactions can pop up after using a product a few times—it doesn’t just happen the first time you use a product, although with strong reactions it will. Pick a small patch of skin to test products please.

After the Razor

Dreadnought Post Shave Balm

Shaving is just going to make your tender skin prone to irritation, so be a good boy and use a men’s aftershave to calm you dermis down. 

See? Didn’t I make it painless for you? Try these few easy steps with your mercurial skin, and you will keep the peace with that handsome mug of yours!

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