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How to Shave a Beard

It sounded like a great idea at the time, maybe that time was in the 80’s, and now you’re wondering what’s next in the extensive grooming adventure, or maybe you’re just over the itching and always having to check what’s lurking in your facial hair? Whatever reason you have to get rid of the facial fuzz, Male Standard support your decision and are here with top tips on how to shave a beard.

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If you are looking to shave the whole thing off, then understanding that shaving a beard is different from shaving stubble is a terrific place to start. There is a process that doesn’t have to involve hours of rigorous manscaping to get your face back into shape, and we’re going to teach it to you why. Whether it’s been a few weeks, or a few years, these techniques will help you uncover the man behind the furry mask once more.

Let’s take a look at how to shave a beard:

1. Choose a Good Time (This Is Not Something to be Rushed)

When it comes to shaving off a beard, there is always a risk you might not like the after effects or that without the correct technique, you will end up with razor rash. Shaving your beard is not something you want to do before going to work one morning, as it might put off your mood if you end up with a ‘bad no hair day.’ That’s not to say we won’t give you ever winning chance of a successful shave, but giving your skin time to respond kindly can help a great deal.

Some guys may notice that their skin is reddened after shaving a beard, due to the newness of shaving and that it tends to calms down after a few hours. So think about where you will be going during that time, so you do not have to risk a potentially embarrassing situation.

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2. Prepare the Area (You’ll Thank Us For This Later)

Now that you have cleared some time, and are dedicated to shaving your beard, the best tips we can give you are to prepare the area before touching the hair itself. This will reduce the risk of red bumps, ingrown hairs, and make the shaving process much easier (not to mention much more economical on your blade). If you have a thicker, longer beard, or course hair, you can extend the recommended time to suit.

Soak a salon quality facial wrap in hot water, wring out the excess water (making sure the wrap is not too hot), and apply to the face. As the name suggests, you want to wrap it around your face so that you cover all of the hair, and keep the heat trapped inside. This will loosen up the hair and help prepare the skin for shaving. You can leave this on for between ten to twenty minutes or until the towel is cool to the touch; repeat as needed.

Salon Quality Facial Wraps

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Once you removed the towel wrap, apply pre-shave oil to the entire beard and neck, to protect and nourish the skin during shaving. This will also help to moisturize and reduce the risk of red rashes and inflammation.

Pre Shave Oil by the Art of Shaving

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3. Trim the Top Growth Back

The first step when shaving the beard is not to jump into a clean shave first, but to remove the excess hair and beard length. This will depend on the thickness and length of your beard but is recommended that you use a beard trimmer all over first, to cut the hair reasonably close. You need to get the hair to within a few millimeters, long stubble, to be able to cut it cleanly and smoothly first time around.

Panasonic Beard Trimmer

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What you want to achieve is a shorter canvas to work from, reducing the effort on your razor when shaving.

4. Fine Tune the Shaving Process (The Fun Part!)

The third step is to use a safety razor and shaving gel to remove the last of the hair. This will give a close, clean shave without irritation. Investing in a quality safety razor and shaving gel is a superb choice for men who haven’t shaved in a while, as the blades are designed to give a professional result, in as few strokes as possible. You can always switch to a disposable razor after if desired, but we think you will appreciate the neat finish.

Silver Tone Safety Razor

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Always use a razor with shaving gel to ensure a quality shave, and that the risk of skin damage is kept to a minimum. Shaving can be extremely drying, and skin, which has been protected by a beard, is super sensitive. So really, consider if using any old razor is a good idea before taking the plunge. Most safety razor are more economical, and offer a longer shelf life than expensive disposable razors; so it’s a win-win situation.

5.  Attention to After Care

The next step is also part of your regular skincare routine, and will help protect your skin for the following days between shaving. Club Man aftershave has a distinct masculine smell that reminds most men of the traditional barbershop and has a variety of fragrances that all help to protect and nourish. This is a fantastic way to finish your shaving routine, and will make you feel like a new man.

Club Man Aftershave Lotion

Vanilla is a unisex fragrance, and an aphrodisiac.

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