Men's Grooming

Manscaping 101

Manscaping is known as the removal of men’s bodily hair through trimming, shaving, tweezing or waxing. Many people who watch TV most likely know this term became popular during the airing of the show called “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” A man shaving their body hair was previously associated with metro sexual men or men who put a great deal into their grooming and hygiene routines.

There are so many reasons that men choose to shave their body hair. The art of manscaping is often done by men who think they have unsightly or too much hair on their chest and back. Other men just do it for vanity reasons. Some men do it because they think that walking around without their shirt and a shaved chest will attract women. Still other men do it because of overheating issues. Not having as much, or any, body hair can help them remain cooler.

Another area that is manscaped is the eyebrows. This is usually done with men who think their brows are too bushy or some men do it just to remove straggly hairs that appear. For men that have a unibrow, hair that grows and connects the two brows together, manscaping can make them have normal brows once again.

Manscaping is a choice for men. Some men choose not to engage in this because they believe hair on their back and chest is what makes them masculine. Many athletes however will engage in manscaping. This holds especially true with swimmers.