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Frank Interview With Hollywood Actor Ethan Hawke

Photography by Mr Cedric Bihr | Styling by Mr Dan May,  Style Director, MR PORTER Words by Mr Tim Teeman Mr Ethan Hawke sits in the restaurant in New York’s Chelsea, attractively rumpled in what he calls his “rehearsal outfit” of jeans, jacket, T-shirt and shirt: any layer ready to […]

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Mr Mansel Fletcher, Features Editor Of MRPORTER.com Shares How to Carry Off Pyjamas

Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher, Features Editor, MR PORTER We believe in the oft-repeated aphorism, “A gentleman uses a butter knife even when dining alone.” However, this isn’t about Downton Abbey pretensions, or Brideshead Revisited fantasies, it’s about living elegantly, and by extension dressing elegantly, wherever you are. Why let standards slip when you’re […]