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Fashion and Technology Collide with Alton Lane’s 3D Body Scanner

Success should feel empowering, like you’re the boss. Maybe you are the boss already, but Alton Lane will make you feel like a million bucks. Alton Lane has redefined the relationship between fashion and technology with their one-of-a-kind 3D body scanner. The result is the perfect fitting garments at the highest quality possible. The 30 sensors in the scanner take over 160 different body measurement and your 3D avatar becomes the blueprint for the perfect bespoke items you order. To find out more, Male Standard spoke with Co-founder Colin Hunter to find out where this innovative collaboration stemmed from, and how Alton Lane is pushing the envelope on men’s style. 

Fashion and Technology Collide with Alton Lane’s 3D Body Scanner

How did the concept of using a 3D Body Scanner within fashion emerge?

For men, fashion is largely about fit, style and experience. The 3D body scanner helped us address 2 of these. With our technology we’re able to take hundreds of measurements in 30 seconds.  This leads to a better experience because measurements take less time than traditional tailors, giving you to more time relax and look thru patterns. Better idea of posture, slopes of your shoulders etc.

How does your 3D services differ from those of a traditional men’s tailor?

Measurement components include accuracy, consistency, body shape and time invested.  In terms of accuracy, we can get down to the hundredth of an inch for an individual measurement. With consistency, we’ve found that one man can go to 10 different tailors and get slightly different measurements at each tailor. At Alton Lane, you can go to any of our showrooms and we’ll have your body scan with the same measurements available. We also notice through the body scan shoulder slope, posture or different size muscles.  A tailor may or may not notice this and does not have a visual reference as a reminder whereas we have a digital image. Not many men enjoy the process of getting measured so the 3D scanner helps make the process more enjoyable by shortening the measurement time.

Fashion and Technology Collide with Alton Lane’s 3D Body Scanner

How do men react to this exciting collision of technology and fashion?

A lot of customers love it. Most industries have an industrial revolution moment where technology comes in and changes how things operate. We feel the fashion industry hasn’t had that yet and we want to be on the leading edge of it. We also have enthused athletically inclined customers coming back week after week to check how their muscles are growing through their body scan, but they can clearly understand the implications for better fit with better technology.

What experiences can men expect to receive during their appointment?

In our showrooms, we want every client to feel that they are guests in our home. Appointments are always one-on-one with a personal style expert. Guys can have a drink at our custom-built bars, relax on a leather couch and watch the game on TV. Every customer gets measured and you have access to our collection highly curated fabrics form some of the best mills in the world. We invest heavily in our customer experience team and have personal stylists send seasonal shirt recommendations to our customers who aren’t able to make it to a showroom or enjoy the convenience of a quick text message, email exchange or phone call to stock up on their basics or update their wardrobe.

Do you have any tips on how men can choose the right suit for their build?

It’s more important to find the best fit with a custom suit than it is to find a pattern that is supposed to flatter a body type. Pants that are too long and baggy will make a short person look shorter. Jacket sleeves that are too short on a taller gentleman will make him feel too big. Fit is far more relevant than pattern.

Fashion and Technology Collide with Alton Lane’s 3D Body Scanner

What are the common mistakes men make when purchasing their first suit?

Part of the reason we work one on one with clients is to avoid the traditional mistakes.  Many men do not invest in a good fit and fabric when shopping off the rack. If you invest early on, it will pay off dividends in how you look and how much wear you get in the suit. Another common mistake is men will not think to get an extra pair of trousers with their first suit. The reality is you will wear through trousers twice as fast as a blazer. If you try to replace trousers later the shades might be slightly different due to wear on the blazer so we always recommend a second set of trousers up front.

What men’s fashion trends are you seeing for Fall/Winter 2014?

We are seeing a real focus on fabrics with different weaves and weights, and new takes on classics from the navy sharkskin, to a rich blue flannel, to Harris Tweed blazers. Textures and subtle patterns continue to play a role in men’s fashion as well as solids in updated shades.

Will you be expanding your innovative use of technology in men’s fashion?

We are always seeking to push the envelope with technology in our industry we are developing a few solutions within our supply chain to give customers greater visibility into their garments. We’re also working on a few concepts in the mobile space giving customers greater access to new fabrics when they can’t come into a showroom.

What is your Male Standard? 

Demand excellence. Work hard. Stay humble.

About Alton Lane

Fashion and Technology Collide with Alton Lane’s 3D Body Scanner

Quality is always our top priority. From world-class fabrics and linings to premium finishings, we are committed to using the highest quality materials available. We have enlisted the craftsmanship of master pattern makers and tailors who construct your clothing with the utmost care and precision. We strive to deliver a precise fit based on your individual body by using our 3D technology, select hand measurements and sample garments that allow us to gain more insight into your personal preferences on fit and cut. We are committed to providing the best fit, best quality and best experience possible. We are not satisfied until you love your garments and will do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Thank you Colin for sharing your expert insight! To book an appointment, please visit Alton Lane