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Huckleberry LTD Founder Jason Hoehn On Collaborating with Hat Designer Nick Fouquet

Founded by Los Angeles native Jason Hoehn, Huckleberry Ltd. is a fine jewelry and accessories brand that values style over fashion, tradition over trends, and quality over quantity. Jason Hoehn, AKA J Peso, is no stranger to jewelry design. In 2002, he launched Nefarious Fine Jewelry and made headlines with his $30,000 encrusted aviator sunglasses that fit the faces of everyone from Kanye West to Scott Weiland and Victoria Beckham. He spent the next ten years designing jewelry for private clients and is bringing his custom pieces back to the public with Huckleberry LTD. Huckleberry’s unisex collection of ferocious designs that could be pulled from a scene of Game of Thrones or Sons of Anarchy including animal heads, oversized diamond horseshoes, and skull rings inlayed with heart shaped precious stone third eyes.

Huckleberry LTD Founder Jason Hoehn

Huckleberry’s recently released Self-medicated capsule features the well received “Can Top”, stylized narcotics like the Xanax Calm pill and oversized Leaf in the form pendants, earrings, stick pins and paperweights – all in solid 14k gold ­yellow, rose and white aren’t for the timid. His female focused collection has a somewhat softer edge, with pieces like the bear claw earrings and the mini horseshoe pendant. With retail prices capping $10,000, other items in the collection will set you back a measly $700 or so. Coming soon is the much anticipated solid gold wolf armband sculpture entitled #Selfie featuring a 7″ long golden armband carved with wood grain holding a 6² tall snarling solid gold wolf with ruby inlay eyes and a fully paved diamond rabbit hanging from his mouth which will be listed around $750k. To find out more, Male Standard caught up with Huckleberry Ltd Founder, Jason Hoehn.

How did the collaboration come about with Nick?

A mutual friend knew I was making high end, extraordinary hatpins and sent me down to Nick’s shop. Nick and I both share a great appreciation for finely made accessories and immediately saw how our brands organically fit together.

What inspired you to revisit traditional hat pins?

I’ve always been a fan of elaborate brooches and pins. They are not used often in contemporary fine jewelry which leaves the field wide open for fresh, new and original work.

How do you select different materials for different designs?

As a fine jewelry company, we primarily stick to 14k, 18k and platinum. The artistic side becomes the various color choices of the precious metals and stones plus the finishes. I’m partial to matte or satin finished jewelry.

What are the practical applications of men’s hat pins?

Internally we refer to them as pins with hatpins being one of the most obvious uses. They’re very versatile pieces to be used with hats, lapels, ties and look amazing on leather jackets and casual outerwear.

Do you have a beloved item of the collection?

Amongst our pin collection, its a tie between the collaborative matchstick with Nick and an oversized 47mm tall, 1 ounce 14k yellow gold marijuana leaf with satin finish.

Huckleberry LTD Founder Jason Hoehn On Collaborating with Hat Designer Nick Fouquet

What hats are you pairing with your matchstick pins?

The beauty of working with Nick aka the Mad Hatter is having unlimited combos of hats to hatpins. We also take the clients personal style into consideration and deliver combos that compliment their personalities and further expand their style. My favorite to date is the 2 accordion style hats with lightening bolt pins for Pharrell. So nice they deserve to be in a display cases.

What men’s accessories trends can we expect to see this Fall?

I’m noticing in general the continued expansion of accessories in all forms. Men are more fashion conscious than ever and especially prone to personalizing trends opposed to buying ready made pieces for the masses. In fine jewelry, I’ve noticed a lot of contemporary lapel pins and cufflinks.

What is your Male Standard?

Quality and originality. Our clients tend to have a very cultivated taste and appreciate the effort we put into expanding men’s fashion. The word “huckleberry” in 19th century slang was used in reference to the “right person for the job”. For fine jewelry with personality, we’ll be your Huckleberry.

Thank you Jason, we’re digging your Huckleberry Ltd collections! 

About HUCKLEBERRY LTD Nick Fouquet Collaboration:

Jason Hoehn of Huckleberry LTD and hat designer Nick Fouquet have teamed up to create a collection of hat pins for the trending Venice hat designer. Fouquet, also known as the Mad Hatter, has designed hats for the likes of Madonna and Pharrel out of his Abbot Kinney studio. Jason Hoehn who began as just another fan of the brand, found himself, nearly weekly, having Nick design custom hats for him. It wasn’t long before Fouquet took notice of Hoehn’s jewelry designs – a collaboration was imminent.

Fouquet’s signature to nearly all of his hats is a simple matchstick with a green tip slipped into the brim. Hoehn has now designed an exclusive hand carved 14 karat yellow gold matchstick, with emerald inlay and diamond tip, sold at Nick’s shop and on Huck’s website. The pin retails for $1850. Fouquet and Hoehn are currently collaborating on a larger collection of hat pins.

To find out more, or to view the new collaboration, please visit Huckleberry LTD.