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No Shave November Rules

The month of November is dedicated to not one, but two awesome men’s causes. The first is Movember, which is a full month of growing the mightiest moustache a man can muster in honor of supporting men’s mental and physical health or wellbeing. The second is No Shave November, and is […]

Men's Grooming, Shaving Tips

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps for Men

If you’ve ever felt the tell-tale burning sensation of razor bumps, then you’ll know or learn the importance of preventing them in the first instance. These painful bumps appear within minutes or hours of shaving, and are caused by irritation due to improper technique, poor equipment, or sensitive skin, or where facial hair is […]

Men's Grooming, Shaving Tips

Remington Facial MB320C Barba Review

The Remington Beard Trimmer provides the ultimate grooming experience. Fitted with ceramic coated cutting blades you can choose from the 9 different cutting grades to give the precision style and look you are after. The advantage of having ceramic blades over steel is they will last longer (not rust) and because they […]