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No Shave November Rules

The month of November is dedicated to not one, but two awesome men’s causes. The first is Movember, which is a full month of growing the mightiest moustache a man can muster in honor of supporting men’s mental and physical health or wellbeing. The second is No Shave November, and is often confused for its cause cousin Movember, as it also relates to facial hair, but not moustaches. As the name suggests, No Shave November is a savvy cause that encourages both men and women (a key difference) to forfeit the act of shaving altogether. This makes for a wild fun month of sporting body hair of all sorts. However, there are a few No Shave November Rules to abide by.

If you’re considering participating, here’s what you need to know:

No Shave November Rules

While you might think November is the get out of shaving pass you’ve been dreaming of, there is a more serious undertone to this month long event. Not to suck the fun out of the entertainment value, but the Founders of No-Shave created a few basic No Shave November Rules to help guys get in on the fun while raising money for an amazing cause. Namely, you won’t be shaving for four weeks, however you must also vow to shave off whatever heinous beard you do muster during this time – it’s for the sake of humanity! December 1 requires strategic photographing of your beard, collections of your donations, and shaving your facial hair (zip lock bag optional). From there, simply send in your donations to No-Shave, and see how your buds did!

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The Official No Shave November Rules

As far as the No Shave November Rules go, we encourage you to pick either Movember or No Shave November, and advocate one cause to your friends. Do not be the guy who’s doing both, or who doesn’t know what either of the causes is. Pick your plan of action and stick with it. While you might think that no shaving is easy, there will be times when you want to quit and pick up a razor. The next rule is obvious: collect and donate your contributions from friends and family who want to see you suffer for a month of itchy facial hair. Participate by growing a beard, cultivating a mustache, letting legs get mangy, and skipping that waxing appointment. Give back even more by picking up some sweet merchandise to show your support.

No Shave November Rules

The month of November should look something like this:

  • Nov 1: Razors are stowed, indifference ignited. The games begin.
  • Nov 1-7:The week of scratching that itch. Push yourself, control the desire to shave and relieve the itchiness.
  • First Wednesday: Itchy hump day.
  • Nov 7: Day of Gnashing of Teeth.
  • Nov 14: Finally the men don’t look ridiculous (boys may look ridiculous).
  • Nov 14: Finally the women do look ridiculous.
  • Thanksgiving: Quoth Flan: “Moms and grandmothers just don’t understand.”
  • Nov 27: Finally the boys or follicularly-challenged do look ridiculous.
  • Nov 30: Photograph day. Take your best hair exhibiting celebration photos. You have truly completed something great.
  • Dec 1: Great festival of many razors, shaving commences.

Are you braving out November in favor of No Shave or Movember? Leave a comment below and let us know why you picked the one you did. Go ahead and link your teams, if you’re participating as a group effort, and we’ll pimp you out on our social media network!

For more No Shave November Rules, please visit No-Shave