Men's Grooming Shaving Tips

Useful Tips On How To Get The Perfect Shave

Shaving has always been one of the most essential grooming methods used by men for ages. A proper shave can handsomely change your whole appearance even making you look younger. Here are some useful shaving tips for a clean, clear and smooth shaving:

Pick the right shaving tool: Some shaving razors that come with outstanding features may cost you a little more extra, but investing on them is definitely a wise investment. Look out for razors with advance fusion power that combines high class technology and improvised shaving features.

Shave during or after shower: Shaving while taking shower is much easier as your face is suitably soaked for a smooth shaving. If you chose to shave after shower or without shower make sure your face is properly wet. For best result splash your face with warm water or dab a warm wet towel before shaving. It will open up the closed pores and give you a cleaner shave.

Thoroughly Brush the shaving cream until it gives a creamy smooth result: Work at least for a minute or two on your shaving cream or shaving soap. The more the creamy lather the smoother will be the shave. The stroke of the brush will help you remove dead cells on your skin.  For best result, brush in circular motion and upward movement.

Holding it Right: Make sure you hold the razor correctly as, holding it too tight or loosely make led to hand slips and may even cut your face. Gillette Fusion Power razors are precisely designed in a way that it doesn’t slip easily even when wet. It gives you a strong grip on your shaving tool thus, constantly gives you the best shave ever.

Use a mug to get rid of the accumulated foam on your razor: Keep a mug filled with warm water handy in order clear your razor tool after every glide. The cleaner the blade is the easier it is to shave.

Avoid dull razor blades: These blades may be pocket friendly but a big enemy to your face. Continues glides of a cheap blade will only destroy your skin. Remember your face is the most prominent part of your body and also it is highly sensitive. Using a poor quality razor will only leave scars, rashes and post shaving burns on your face.

The final step: Ones you are done with the shaving thoroughly rinse your face with cold water and reach out for an aftershave lotion, gel or balm. The final touch is important as it will moisturize your skin and make your skin glow leaving you look better.

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