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The Difference Between Bars and Clubs

Aside from the obvious presence of alcohol and people, bars and clubs can differ quite a bit. Of course there are plenty of hybrid-type establishments that offer a little touch of both worlds. Stereotypically speaking, the two are distinctly different. Keep in mind there are many levels of each from […]

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Orange County Buddy Walk

At MaleStandard, Down Syndrome is a disability that we hold very close to our hearts. This year, as in  the past, the MaleStandard team will be walking in and supporting the Down Syndrome “Buddy Walk” of Orange County on November 7, 2010, not only in support of a boy we […]

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Shot of the Month: Oatmeal Cookie Shot

As with many shots and drinks, there are a few variations of the oatmeal cookie shot.  I find this to be the best tasting, and the one that most accurately resembles an actual oatmeal cookie.  This is a great shot to enjoy around the holidays! Ingredients 1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish […]

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Talk Dirty to Me

As we all know, I love a vocal man in the bedroom. I know that for some of you even the idea of talking dirty makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let it. Be the authority in your bedroom  – talking will get you everywhere. Knowing what to say does not […]

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4 Easy to Make Halloween Food Ideas

Alright guys, I get that you probably don’t have secret aspirations to be the male version of Martha Stewart and you have more important things to deal with like studying, girls and making my delicious shots – I hope! However, if you’re planning to host a Halloween party this year, […]

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Top 10 Signs That Girl is Crazy

1. Prolonged Eye Contact, a.k.a. The Deep, Wide-Eyed Stare If you’re talking to a female and she’s looking at you the same way movie serial killers look at their strangling victims, trust your cinematic instincts. You may not be far off. 2. Torrential Talking Conversation flow is not only a […]

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Tattoos For the Cure

October is Breast Cancer month, and we want to share with our readers Tattoos for the Cure. It is taking place on October 9, 2010, in Pomona, CA. The pain of those affected by breast cancer is forever tattooed in our hearts. For some of us, a little pink ribbon […]