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Knob Creek’s Meat Master Class Hosted by Celebrity Chef Michael Symon

When it comes to getting into the grilling spirit, many of us fall prey to a few rooky mistakes. Over-seasoning, rushing to the heat, and throwing prep work out the window are some of the most common cited errors. This is a big problem for those who like their steak to have that big, full flavor we’ve all been dreaming of. Grilling is an art form that requires appreciation, patience, and a few professional finishing touches. If you go blazing on ahead, you won’t remember to use these next top tips, or learn how to grill a top notch steak!

Introducing Celebrity Chef Michael Symon

Throughout the summer, Knob Creek and Chef Symon teamed up to bring you an interactive web series demonstrating how to step up your grilling skills.

The Knob Creek Meat Master Class Video Series provides step-by-step educational “classes” on how to create big, full flavor on the grill. The newest video highlights meat preparation and Chef Symon walks viewers through how to prep and grill Skirt Steak with a Balsamic, Cherry & Knob Creek® Bourbon Steak Sauce. You can check out the videos below, for exclusive insight into how Chef Symon is going to transform how you grill this summer!


Catch Up: Celebrity Chef Michael Symon on Meat Preparation

Before you go rushing into those awesome top tips, check out last week’s recommendations on how to prepare your steak like a pro. Seeing how to prepare the steak is what will give you the competitive edge this grilling season. As this is the most important step, you’ll want to master the art of meat preparation before hitting up the grill to get the best results.  Either way, you are two steps away from meat nirvana.


And that, as they say, is that! What did you think? Will you be changing up your grilling routine this summer, or do you have a best kept secret even Chef Symon hasn’t heard of?

Leave a comment below and let us know if you’ll be grilling like a champ this summer!