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Investing in a Quality Beard Conditioner

Growing a beard and having an awesome beard is not exclusive. There are certain steps you must take if you want to be impressed. Investing in a quality beard conditioner is about one of the wisest moves you can make, and will help keep your beard in rocking good shape. If that isn’t enough to tempt you into action, these budget-friendly products are quick to use and will help promote thicker, fuller growth.

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Beard conditioners are also perfect for managing unruly beards. Very few men wake up in the morning with a perfect facial ‘do, and those who do, we salute you. You are in the minority. If you have uneven hair growth, patchy spots, or are frustrated with the overall condition or appearance of your beard then timely news, this might be the exact product you didn’t know you were looking for. Get ready to find out why.

Make Standard reviewed the top five quality beard conditioners for men, and are bringing you the results.

1. Honest Amish Beard Leave in Conditioner

Honest Amish is a perfectly natural product, with no additives or chemicals that can dry out and damage facial hair. This vegan formula is a facial butter, meaning that the main ingredients are derived from oils and nut butters, which naturally help to protect the hair. As these are also on the slick side, they help keep hair in place. Be careful to use only a small amount, and work the product into the hair for a shiny, healthy beard as needed.

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What we like about the Honest Amish are that their products smell fresh, and help to defend against dry skin and brittle hair. As beards are susceptible to drying out, this will help prevent the bristle comb look. Keeping the skin under your beard in top condition is paramount to growing a fantastic looking beard. If it’s dry, damaged, or in need of some TLC, then so is your beard; this is a potent dual action product for no-fuss facial hair.

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2. Bluebeards Intensive Beard Repair Cream

Bluebeards have created an intensive conditioner that is there to help restore and revitalize damaged beards. Instead of shaving it all off and starting again, give this a shot and see if you can’t reverse some of the signs. While no cream is going to be an instant wonder cure, this does a superb job of injecting much-needed vitamins and nutrients into the skin and hair, and leaving it feeling healthy and soft.

This is also an excellent weekly conditioning treatment for beards that belong to men with fidgety hands. If you’re tempted to twist and shape every hour of the day, your bead is going to quickly become dull and lifeless (splitting). Use this to help inject some life back into the beard and fix those dry ends. As this in an intensive formula, a little goes a long way. You may wish to invest in a beard styling product to go with this as it won’t hold the style in shape.

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3. All Natural Moustache Wax and Gloss

While predominantly a styling product, this all natural mustache wax and gloss contains great benefits for keeping your beard in terrific shape. This is another vegan product, with no harmful chemicals, and uses natural waxes to restore the luster of beards. This is a superb product to use after a quick trim when you want professional results, or as a daily measure to protectively grooming your beard into shape.

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4. Ultra Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

If you have ever wondered if you should use a spate beard shampoo and conditioner, Ultra Beard has answered that question for you. Yes! As the hair on your face is different from the hair on your head, it requires different care and attention. It is also recommended using the conditioner first, then shampoo, so that you don’t end up with a greasy beard which can lead to adult acne and irritated skin.

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Containing added Vitamin B5, his beard and shampoo conditioning set are a simple way for men with thick, long beards to make sure they retain strong facial hair. As hair ages, it becomes brittle and can break easily. This will help repair the damage, and help new growth come in thick and healthy. Use when you are in the shower, as a rule. Other than that, a simple product that smells fresh and works well at keeping the birds nest at bay.

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5. Shea Leave In Conditioner

If you suffer from a dry, damaged beard, then a leave-in conditioner is a terrific way to add more protection to your day. Shea is a protective butter that protects and nourishes and will leave your hair feeling softer and shinier. This won’t offer any style hold, but it will help your facial hair to become more manageable. Simply spray onto the beard, and comb through and move on with your day.

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Investing in a Quality Beard Conditioner is Easy!

What we love about these beard conditioners is that applying them is easy but the results are awesome. It’s not often you can find something so simple that can make such a big difference to your day. No fuss facial hair is one of the reasons why we grow our beards out in the first place, so regain control over your routine. Leave a comment below, and tell us how you keep you beard in shape and if these will help.