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How to Get Rid of Adult Acne and Blackheads

Adult acne is a curious beast. Often, it can affect people who don’t even have a history of acne and can suddenly appear out of nowhere (even after years of disappearance). What makes adult acne so different from teen acne is the cause and effect. You might have once thought that the world depended on a great yearbook photo, but adult acne can debilitate your desire and ability to carry out business relationships, date confidently, and put yourself in a position of a rewarding and full life. Before you think it can’t happen to you, listen up.

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Yes, even the gorgeous Megan Fox suffers imperfection from time to time.

Acne, no matter what age it occurs, happens for one or both of these reasons; first, you can clog pores to create an immediate or long term problem that requires treatment. Secondly, you might have a sebum imbalance, which is the oily substance that is excreted by the sebum pores on the face and neck area. You might think washing your wash will solve this problem, but aggravating the pores is actually one of the fastest ways to make the problem worst! You need to establish if your adult acne is caused by the first, second, or both of these effects can apply the correct treatment to rid those rancid spots for good.

Follow the emergency skin treatment plan below to help fight and defend against acne!

Your Emergency Skin Treatment Care Plan

If you’ve woken up with a pimple or twelve, or are fighting an ongoing battle, Male Standard has conferred with the experts to find out exactly what you need to do. These steps, when applied consistently, will help regulate and return your sebum levels to normal. In certain and extreme circumstances, doctor intervention may be required, but you might also find that this is their first recommended course of action – so save yourself the expense and frustration and start on these easy to follow steps.

The best part is this also works best when you don’t have adult acne, so no one is excused from class!

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Actor Frankie Muniz won over the nation as kid next door Malcolm (in The Middle) but has suffered from adult acne for decades.

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Even Harry Potter mega-star Daniel Radcliff can’t magically vanish those spots without some TLC.

Step 1: Invest in a Quality Cleanser

Cleansers are different from face washes in that they help tackle and balance the sebum pores and can reduce inflammation and infection – rather than just washing impurities off the surface like soap. Cetaphil is available from most stores and is hypoallergenic, perfume free, and does wonders as a face wash and combined moisturizer. The dermatologically tested formula is ideal for men with sensitive skin and can also be used all over the body to help manage dreaded “Bacne” (back acne).

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Step 2: Consider “Spot” Treatments

If you’re fighting an existing case of adult acne, long term treatments sound great but they won’t help reduce the immediate frustration. Over the counter acne medications can help to alleviate the symptoms, and set to work right away. Look for products that contain salicylic and glycolic acids that can help to fade acne scars, and benzoyl peroxide that targets the cause of the infection. Men’s Acne Therapy Lotion meets all these demands and has tea-tree oil and vitamins C, D and E to promote healthy skin.

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Step 3: Make Time to Heal Your Skin

Acne, while a major pain in the ass, is really a cry for attention from your skin. If you have acne for prolonged periods of time, or flair up overnight, start to look at what might be causing this problem and aim to work backwards to remove that from your life. Stress, poor diet, lack of fitness are all linked to acne, but using the incorrect (or too much) products, not using products consistently and forgetting to carry out your skin care régime after a night on the tiles are all responsible too.

Are You Causing Your Acne?

It might be a horrible thought, but washing, deep cleaning and other steps only work if you know how to clean your face correctly. If you start to lather up the soap and throw some water around with a total disregard to your skin tone, balance, and needs, you might find it quickly rebels despite your best (or sloppy efforts). Wash your face in the morning and evening with a clean face cloth. Do not rip into your skin, be gentle and use circular motions to apply lotions and creams. Always wash your hands before touching your face.

The littlest changes can make a massive improvement and will stop irritation in its tracks!

If you don’t already know the effects of adult acne on relationships, careers or even court cases, just ask a woman, an HR. employee or a high court judge. You don’t have to suffer alone and we feel for you if this is something you’ve been fighting for a longtime. Read up on “The Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming” to finally break free from acne today and find out exactly why you need to shake up your skin care routine today.