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Tips For Growing Your Beard

Figuring out how to grow a beard may seem like an easy task. Just put away the razor and wait for your facial hair to grow to the desired length, right? Well, it might come as a surprise, but growing a well-structured beard actually takes some work. You’ll likely battle your way through a period of intense itching, where follicles are sprouting and irritating your skin, until you’re rewarded with the facial hair you desire. Some guys get put off by this two week waiting period and pull out of the running early, but with these super simple tips from Male Standard, we promise it doesn’t have to be this way. Rock an awesome beard that’s super easy to maintain by following these simple steps.

Why Grow a Beard?

Did you know beards were traditionally grown by men to provide warmth during the winter months? This is still a technique used today, as many men grow winter beards, then shave in the spring to prepare for the warm summer months. But before you assume a beard will be too warm for summer, try one out. You may find a beard isn’t quite as stifling as you think, and you could become the next card-carrying member of the beard love gang. Also, many guys find they just look better with facial hair, as it adds definition and interest to an otherwise blank canvas. If you don’t try it out, you’ll never know what works for you. If that isn’t a good enough reason to consider giving one a go, we don’t know what is. Oh wait, chicks dig beards. There’s that too.

How To Grow A Beard

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Reasons to Grow a Beard:

  • Ladies love beards
  • Adds definition and interest
  • More forgiving on the skin than shaving
  • Less expensive than buying shaving equipment
  • Provides manly warmth during cooler winter months

Stop Shaving

This may seem like an obvious step, but there’s more to “not shaving” than simply bypassing your morning shave. As your hair grows, your skin will likely become irritated and itchy, which may tempt you to give up. Be assured that in time, your skin will adjust and the itching will go away. This typically takes about two weeks, and will be well worth your wait. To combat itching during the adjustment period, use a quality beard oil. This will nourish your skin, and soften the hair growing in, reducing the irritation. Plus, a beard oil will also help you tame and style from your first bout of growth through to maintaining its maturity. You’ll want to add in the beard oil as a daily conditioning treatment, but trust us this is far more pleasurable than shaving every day.

Spiced Citrus Beard Oil

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Tools You’ll Need:

Good Beard Design

You wouldn’t start a landscaping job without a plan, so why change your appearance without thinking of what you want to accomplish? First decide whether you want a long, rugged beard or a short, neatly trimmed beard. Goatees and soul patches are also options, depending on the fashion statement you want to make. As your beard grows, invest in a beard trimmer and be sure to use it often. Good grooming is essential to promoting new growth, and is what adds shape and definition to an all-star beard. You may choose a talented barber although finding a barber who specializes in beard maintenance can be a challenge. Most bearded men quickly discover a sense of pride in maintaining their own style, and enjoy the process.

Things to Think About:

  • How much facial hair do you grow?
  • What climate or season are you growing in?
  • What length beard looks best on your facial structure?

Still wondering whether growing a beard is a good idea? Here’s a quick recap: stop shaving, start grooming, and be patient. You should also know that many men find caring for a beard far easier than shaving, so don’t be put off by trading one grooming routine for another. As long as you use beard oils and treat yourself to a quick trim now and then, you’ll be rewarded with a timeless, masculine look that’s flattering on most men. Don’t be put off by the growing in phase, no one ever said manning up grooming was easy, but the rewards are definitely worth it!

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