Traveling Soon? You’re Gonna Need This 1 Item

A couple months ago my fiancé and I booked a big trip to Italy. When my friends mentioned you can wear birddogs 3-in-1 stretch khakis for a full day of vacation without changing, I was skeptical. So I brought a pair on my trip to Italy and wore them on my busiest day. 

  • Morning hike: We decided to hike Mount Circeo, a trail I thought would be chill but most definitely wasn’t. These khakis sneakily held up better than most athleisure shorts I’ve tried. The fabric stretches so it doesn’t restrict movement even though the fit is slim.  
  • Surprise swim: We didn’t know this beforehand, but the Mount Circeo trail actually ends at the beach. These shorts aren’t technically a bathing suit, but they did dry pretty quickly after I jumped in the water. Definitely good for water activities in a pinch. I still packed a real bathing suit for the rest of my trip, though. 
  • Sight-seeing: The plazas in Rome are scalding hot in the summer. Thankfully, these shorts have a built-in liner that wicks sweat and masks odors pretty well. Also, I put all my valuables in the zipper pockets so I didn’t need to worry about pickpockets. I was, however, very worried about the French man next to me on our tour of the Coliseum. That level of BO can’t be normal.  
  • Out to dinner: I wore them with a linen button-down from Ralph Lauren and my white Reebok sneakers. My fiancé said I looked like a Miami stockbroker on casual Friday…which I later learned she didn’t mean as a compliment.  

Overall, $69 is a lot for a pair of shorts, but it might just be a bargain considering how much you can use them for. These aren’t the only shorts I brought on vacation, but these guys are telling the truth – you can actually wear these for a full day without changing.