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The Birkin of Men’s Apparel: Why These Shorts Are So Hard To Buy

I didn’t think there was a male equivalent of a Birkin bag, but there is. They’re called birddogs

birddogs are 3-in-1 shorts that work as khakis, athleisure shorts, and a swimsuit. Guys love them because they look nice enough to go out AND feel comfy enough to do physical activity. They’re not technically a bathing suit, but they can work as one in a pinch because of how fast they dry.  

Unlike a Birkin, you don’t have to develop a relationship with an Hermes sales associate over the course of years to get a single pair. But you do have to watch the website very closely, because popular colors and sizes are frequently out of stock.  

We called up demand planner Madison Hofmeester to understand more. “We knew these shorts would be in high demand from March to August, and we planned accordingly. But demand has exceeded even our most aggressive projections.” (Note: after he thought we’d hung up the phone, Hofmeester was overheard saying, “So what’s the point of demand planning, anyway?”). 

The reason for the high demand is the popularity of this summer’s new styles: Buzz Lightbeer, Ballsac Newton, Billy Ray Virus, and Emmanual Macaroon. While birddogs opened a new line at the factory to support additional demand, it still hasn’t been enough.