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The Art of the Amicable Break-Up

By the time most relationships hit the skids, one or both parties can be so pent up with hostility, anger, and resentment that thinking clearly and objectively might look like “mission impossible.” Once the level of a relationship reaches DEFCON 4, you can just about forget about acting civil towards […]

Dating & Relationships, Women

Being Single by Choice

This concept may be foreign to most males: being single by choice.  Women do this, and men should take note. Take three different guys and their scenarios where it can and should apply: I have this friend – we will call him “Joe.” Joe, as his name implies, is just […]

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Talk Dirty to Me

As we all know, I love a vocal man in the bedroom. I know that for some of you even the idea of talking dirty makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let it. Be the authority in your bedroom  – talking will get you everywhere. Knowing what to say does not […]

Dating & Relationships, Women

Top 10 Signs That Girl is Crazy

1. Prolonged Eye Contact, a.k.a. The Deep, Wide-Eyed Stare If you’re talking to a female and she’s looking at you the same way movie serial killers look at their strangling victims, trust your cinematic instincts. You may not be far off. 2. Torrential Talking Conversation flow is not only a […]