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California Girls and Their Area Codes

Met a chick from Cali? Got the digits but don’t know where to start? Use this guide as a starting point to strike up a convo, hit common interests, and learn just what exactly those three pre-fixed numbers say about her.

619 – San Diego Area

What it means: San Diego area. Plenty of partying, plenty of beaches, plenty of open-mindedness, but nothing out of control. A party girl who spends some weekends with her parents… partying.
Date idea: something in San Diego.

213 – Heart of L.A.

What it means: Heart of Los Angeles.  Been there/done that, seen it/heard it, and been around just as many celebrities as homeless people. Possibly jaded well before 25.
Date idea: either keep it simple or keep it high maintenance, but nothing touristy, naive or hipster.

818 – North Hollywood

What it means: Burbank/North Hollywood area.  Like Los Angeles and Hollywood, but with less celebrities and more meth.  Chances are she’s big into heavy metal or Armenian gangs. Perhaps both.
Date idea: the beach, a park or driving back and forth from fast food joints, liquor stores, and friends’ houses for a full 34 hours.

951 – Riverside County

What it means: Riverside County. Way east of L.A., both geographically and spiritually.  Baseline of the deserts, meaning life here moves a little slower but still manages to get there.
Date idea: First date – two hour phone call. Second date – nurse two drinks at a bar.

949 – South O.C.

What it means: South O.C.  Better bring your wallet, spare cash, and jewelry to barter.  Living in South Orange County isn’t cheap, and if she’s from there, lives there, and parties there, you’re probably gonna have to spend some cash to keep the night moving.
Date idea: expensive restaurant, high-end bar, exclusive club, your beach-house or her condo.

714 – Orange County

What it means: Orange County, but more Anaheim/Orange than Newport Beach/Costa Mesa.  Not as pricey as a date with a 949’er but that doesn’t mean not as fun. Don’t: disrespect the Angels.  Do: disrespect their “Los Angeles Angels of” name-change.
Date idea: anywhere but Disneyland.

909 – L.A. County

What it means: L.A. county girl, but more on the suburban tip. Probably a frequenter of the Los Angeles/Orange County party scenes but only as excursions away from home. Think Honda Accord, not Lamborghini Diablo.
Date idea: Club, lounge, outlet mall.

510 – Northern California

What it means: Berkeley, Oakland, northern California.  If she’s from Berkeley, she’s either smart like a scientist, smokes weed like Tommy Chong or both.  If she’s from Oakland, she can probably beat you in a fist fight.
Date idea: observatory, hookah bar or Raider game.

702 – Las Vegas

What it means: she’s not from Cali, she’s from Vegas.  One of two things: 1) she’s from the party capital of the world and you’d better think big to impress her, or 2) she’s from the party capital of the world and she’s no longer looking to be impressed.
Date idea: Luxor or the library.

Do these tips ring true? Tell us some of your experiences. Not from Cali? Let us know how your spot is different.