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Can You Really Be Friends With Your Ex?

The simplest answer, is no. No, you cannot be friends with your ex.

The Line Has Already Been Crossed

The reasoning is fairly straightforward if you think about it. That line has already been crossed.

You have likely had sex with her and once that has occurred, how do you maintain any type of friendship? How do you not remember all of those naughty, frustrating, happy, intimate, and bad times when we as humans are fueled by the memories and experiences we have had? Friends with benefits, sure – just friends, not so much.

It Will Mess Up Your New Relationships

There are other things to consider as well. What is the new potential girlfriend going to think?  Up until that point I can vaguely see how it could sway on the edge of working. But once you are in a committed relationship again, never.

Do you honestly believe that a woman is going to be cool with your ex hanging around? If she does, she is probably lying because she sees some potential and doesn’t want to come across as controlling. I guarantee she won’t want the competition (because that is how she will view it).

She will always be wondering if you are thinking about your ex, or are keeping her around as a “back up.” Would you want your new girlfriend to be friends with her ex?

Try as you may, you cannot be friends with your ex. Pretense may have you saying I am wrong, but reality, history and fact say I am right.

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