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Talk Dirty to Me

As we all know, I love a vocal man in the bedroom. I know that for some of you even the idea of talking dirty makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let it. Be the authority in your bedroom  – talking will get you everywhere.

Knowing what to say does not come naturally to some and there seems to be a standard dialog that we all use, which tends to get boring. Change it up by finding out her fantasies and exploring them through communication. Make sure you reciprocate the knowledge so that she can do the same for you.

With today’s modes of technology, dirty talk does not need to be confined to the bedroom. Cell phones and the Internet have provided us with a whole new world of sex.

Sexting is now the hottest way to get your dirty talk on! I know that some of you readers are rolling your eyes and probably recalling some news report, or commercial about kids doing this. Let me assure you, you don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy the rush of talking dirty via texting.

If you and/or your girlfriend are on the shy side, sexting is one way to get the ball rolling in that direction. Start out with simple, innocent stuff and your inner freak will come out naturally along the way.

You can then take it from sexting, to dirty phone calls and phone sex. Eventually this will transfer into the bedroom and then the sky is the limit.

Love you Boys!! Keep coming back. Kisses.