Are you trying to grow a beard? Check out our beard tips for growing and styling your best beard possible.

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The Best Beard Trimmer for Men

If sporting a dapper beard is your desired look, make sure that you keep it well-groomed by using a quality beard trimmer. There is a world of difference between an untidy mass of hair hanging at your chin and a neat, trimmed one that indicates care and attention. Most men’s salons should […]

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Cool Beards Inspired by Father’s Day

When it comes to cool beards, Dad and Granddads have tons of experience. There’s a good chance they have spent decades honing their art, and creating the impressive facial foliage you are so used to seeing. What’s a Dad without a beard? (Hint, you will find out soon!) A beard […]

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How to Grow a Handlebar Moustache

While the name might make you recoil, these flamboyant designs carry an invitation card to a secret mustache club like no other. There are thousands upon thousands of men around the world who are proud to style a Handlebar Moustache. In fact, these men dare to dream big and often […]

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How to Shave a Beard

It sounded like a great idea at the time, maybe that time was in the 80’s, and now you’re wondering what’s next in the extensive grooming adventure, or maybe you’re just over the itching and always having to check what’s lurking in your facial hair? Whatever reason you have to […]

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Beard Shampoos: Are They Worth It?

One of the latest trends in men’s grooming is beard shampoos and conditioners.  These products cleanse facial hair as well as the skin underneath, making your beard softer and smoother.  They will also make your beard and the skin around it less itchy and flaky. Naturally, as with any specialized […]

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Tips For Growing Your Beard

Figuring out how to grow a beard may seem like an easy task. Just put away the razor and wait for your facial hair to grow to the desired length, right? Well, it might come as a surprise, but growing a well-structured beard actually takes some work. You’ll likely battle your way […]