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Badrick’s Skincare Ambassador Jason P. Leonard Shares His Top Beard Care Tips

When it comes to growing and styling an awesome beard, a few quick tricks from Badrick’s Skincare Ambassador Jason P. Leonard, can take you far. It’s no use waiting for it all to grow out, and then wondering where to go next…or where all your friends have gone. Instead, Jason is a realistic in the beard world, and understands when to trim, and when to groom. This is a critical observation that will help you grow out your beard comfortably, as well as stylishly. No one sets out to look haberdashery in the beard world, but sometimes it does happen. Don’t let that be you. To help guide your beard growing journey, Jason has shared his top tips with Male Standard on how to style and maintain a beard you can be proud of.

How often should guys be grooming their beards?

It depends on what style you are going for. As far as trimming, that depends on what philosophy you follow. Some believe that you should trim split ends, while some say to just let it grow naturally. I follow both guidelines, depending on what is needed.

Should guys be trimming if trying to grow their beard longer?

This is a tough question. Some data says trimming doesn’t help hair grow faster. However, if you have lots of split ends, or breakage, it may help. I fight with the ends of individual hairs forming a knot with itself. Then it causes breakage. So, I’ve trimmed a few times due to this. I’m still fighting this issue.

Can traditional barbers help guys maintain their beards?

Yes, having an extra set of eyes can help with maintaining the style you desire. Also, a steady hand is crucial for precise trimming.

Badricks Da Balm

Do you have any product recommendations to help with the itch?

Right now I am using Badricks Da Balm post shower. Whether you use beard oils or balm, you want it to come in contact with the skin, in addition to the hair.

What’s the best way to brush your beard for lustrous shine?

With longer beards, always begin with a wide toothcomb to help separate hairs and tangles. I then finish off with a boar bristle brush.

What beard styles do you think will trend this winter?

The 5 o’clock shadow always does well, as does slightly thicker beards.

What is your Male Standard?

Do good, treat others well, and the rest will follow.

Thank you Jason for sharing your awesome tips! 

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Badrick’s Skincare, Inc. was literally born through scratching their own itch; the itch of that in between stage when you have more than stubble, but less than a respectable beard. Many do not commit to growing a beard due to their imperative phase, and tragically succumb to premature shaving before their beard has a chance to flourish. Badricks set out to solve this problem for themselves and their fellow man. After trial and tribulation, Badricks developed Da Balm™, a revolutionary beard and face balm with the power to anguish the pain and discomfort of shaving from your life forever. To find out more, Male Standard spoke with Co-founders Matthew Dank and Seth Lombardi. Read as their share their journey, top tips, and beard trends for Fall!

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