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Beard Competitor Patrick Quinn Reveals His Friendly Mutton Chops Secrets

If you’ve seen a beard competition and thought, “Wow! I want to grow a beard just like that!” – you’re in for a rare treat! Male Standard caught up with Badrick’s Skincare Ambassador and Beard Competitor, Patrick Quinn to find out the insider tips on how to grow an award-winning beard. Patrick favors what he calls the ‘Friendly Mutton Chops,’ which is an ideal style for those with thick, bushy beards. This style benefits from a little grooming to prevent Hagrid-Esque epic facial hair faux pas, but with these stellar tips, we know you’ll be rocking it all winter long. Having this extra snug facial blanket will help keep you feeling toasty, and with Patrick’s top tips we know you’ll be comfortable growing out your beard as long as you see fit. Let’s take it away!

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How often should guys be grooming their beards?

I would say once every two days.  You don’t want to over groom your beard, as you will lose the natural oils that build up over the course of a day.

Should guys be trimming if trying to grow their beard longer?

Yes, cutting off the dead and split ends should be an everyday task. If you don’t then it could take a lot longer to get that great beard you might be striving for. Having a lot of patience comes with growing out a long beard. I have a couple of times cut mine back to make it look fuller, but it didn’t do as much as I wanted and regretted it.

Can traditional barbers help guys maintain their beards?

I’m not a fan of going to the barber and getting my beard trimmed up. I have had a few bad experiences with barbers and my beard. If you want to grow a beard and maintain it then you should be the one that trims it. I feel this way because if someone messes up the trim then its their fault but if you do it. You have no one else to blame but yourself.

Badrick’s Mug Scrub

Do you have any product recommendations to help with the itch?

I use all of Badrick’s products. They have been great for my beard in the last 8 months and my beard is softer and healthier than ever. Their Da Balm has really made my beard a lot softer since I have been using it. Their LSB Bar gives my beard a healthy feel after a shower that I haven’t experienced with any other beard soap. Then there’s their Mug Scrub, I have keep this away from my wife she likes so much. It clean out my pores from all the oil and dirt I get from working outside. I know this sounds like a plug for Badrick’s, but I have been very happy with their products. I use no other products anymore. I have given away all my other products to friends.

What’s the best way to brush your beard for lustrous shine?

If you want a shine then go with a Beard Oil but beware of the grease/oily feel it leaves. A balm won’t give you a big shine but still very much stands out. I prefer to use a brush over a comb but its all about your preference.

What beard styles do you think will trend this winter?

Most winters you will see a lot of the seasonal beards like the Huntsman and Lazy Winter Beards. If I had to pick one that would be trending, it would be the Business Beard (2″ and under).

What is your Male Standard? 

My dedication to my Friendly Mutton Chops. I make sure it looks good every time I go out, no matter if I’m going to a competition or to Walmart. If I hadn’t grown out the Chops. I would have never meet the 100+ people I know in the bearding community. My life has changed considerably since competing and all for the good.

Thank you Patrick for sharing your awesome tips – we’re lovin’ the Mutton Chops trend!