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Cool Beards Inspired by Father’s Day

When it comes to cool beards, Dad and Granddads have tons of experience. There’s a good chance they have spent decades honing their art, and creating the impressive facial foliage you are so used to seeing. What’s a Dad without a beard? (Hint, you will find out soon!) A beard is a mark of respect, of accomplishment, and masculinity. Today, Male Standard wants to celebrate cool beards inspired by Dads (and their Dad’s) across the world as Father’s Day approaches.

Photo credit: Media

Brad Pitt enjoying his family time rocking the Dad Beard!

Before we go any further, what is a Dad Beard, and do you have to be a Dad to wear one? If you think the answer is yes, you might be surprised. A Dad Beard can be a beard worn by a Dad as that is not strictly wrong, but a Dad Beard is also better known as a Pimpin’ Lincoln. It’s the bigger the better beard that sets the highest standard for what a beard could be. These are worn fearlessly, casually, and without hesitation, making them intrinsically composed.

1. Dad Inspired Beards at the BAFTA’s


Photo credit: The Simbos

When it comes to all-round cool beards, Dad Beards took the spotlight at this year’s BAFTA awards. As you can see, not all of the candidates are Dad’s, but they can sport the Dad Beard with pride. Notice the thick, fuller beard, with the defined mustache, and trimmed length; this is what gives this style a casual appeal. This is also a superb collection for inspiration. What we like most is the easy confidence these beards exude as any great Dad should!

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2.  The Pimpin’ Lincoln Beard for Dads!


Daniel Day Lewis sporting the original Pimpin’ Lincoln.

Photo credit: The Simbos

Daniel Day Lewis was recently cast as Lincoln, and of course, immediacy everyone wanted to know how he was going to carry off Abs’ famous Dad Beard. We would give his beard an Oscar for this performance alone. The refined trimming, thick, bushy undercarriage, and slight greying made this is a stellar Dad Beard if we ever saw one. It frames the face and gives that certain gentlemanly appeal we all aspire to when aging.

This is the kind of beard that inspires respect in our elders!

3. Sir William Lucas Beard for Dads


Photo Credit: Brad Earthen

The Sir William Lucas is a more common beard for Dad, although worn by men of all ages as it is easy to upkeep, and a little extra growth typically won’t cause any style harm. This is a potential Santa Beard in the making, but the short length keeps it thick and fuzzy and gives you that feeling of comfort that all Dad’s should embrace. For older men, this is a fantastic go to when getting into beards as it is suitable for all situations.

Plus, grandkids love to tug on these fondly!

Have you figured out what a Dad without a beard is yet? Check out ‘If Your Dad Doesn’t Have a Beard, You’ve Got Two Mums!’ by Australian comedy band, The Beards.

4. The Every Dad Modern Dad

Photo credit: GC

Dad’s aren’t just old; they’re happening all the time. Today’s modern Dad is a busy Dad who can use his beard to change things up. By letting your mustache and beard grow in, you can use the downtime to maximize on style. Instead of seeing a beard as something that must be kept up (not easy when you’ve got diapers to contend with), you can use your Dad Card to score a different beard for every day of the week.

Simply save it off on Monday and start again the following week!

5. The Sunday Morning Dad Beard

Photo credit: GC

The Weekend Dad has to be the most self-indulgent beard of all time. It’s not stylish, and it’s not well kept or even that attractive, but boy it is comfortable. The Weekender is all about embracing your body and just being one with nature, the way God intended. If you’re planning on going fishing with Pops this weekend, or just want to kick back and have a lazy Father’s Day, take the day off and let that bad boy go for the day; you deserve it!