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The Best Hairstyles for Grey Hair

If you’re a silver fox or on the track to salt and pepper hair, then you’ll understand the value of what I’m about to say next. Not all men’s hairstyles look good with grey hair. In fact, once you start to grow your hair to a certain length; don’t be […]

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How to Get Rid of Grey Hair

Grey hair is something that will eventually happen to most men, but some might start to see the signs faster than others. While a normal part of life, grey hair is often not something that is considered fashionable, and darned few male celebrities buck this trend by keeping their hair […]

Men's Grooming, Men's Hairstyles

The Top Mad Men Hairstyles

With AMC’s Mad Men raking in the TV ratings, it’s not just the storyline that’s catching Male Standards attention. These serious men have some seriously stylish hairstyles. Taking the classic short back and sides to epic proportions, slicked back and accented curls have never looked so masculine. Now you can […]

Men's Grooming, Men's Hairstyles

The Best Hair Tools for Men

When styling hair, there’s more to life than wax or gel. Having the proper equipment can help you get the professional style you want, and help tackle those annoying problems you might be facing (such as wavy, frizzy hair). The great thing about hair tools, is that the style lasts […]