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The Best Hairstyles for Grey Hair

If you’re a silver fox or on the track to salt and pepper hair, then you’ll understand the value of what I’m about to say next. Not all men’s hairstyles look good with grey hair. In fact, once you start to grow your hair to a certain length; don’t be surprised if the directors from Lord of the Rings come to track you down. No one wants to be mistaken for a wizard, at least not when they want to be taken seriously, but can you still have fun with grey hair?

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Even Halle Berry knows that grey is a good color to consider when kicking ass…

Male Standard discovered that yes you can. While not all hairstyles suit the silver bullet, some styles actually look significantly better when doused in varying shades of grey. Take Matt Le Blanc for example. He recently restarted his entire career on the choice to dye his hair grey, as people now see him differently. Grey hair when cut right commands respect. It is a marker of success, of prosperity, and of wisdom.

Below are five of the best hairstyles for grey hair, with celebs who know how to use this unique color advantage to their favor. We’ve also thrown in a bonus clip to show you why grey hair is a lifestyle, an attitude.

1. John Slatterly of Mad Men

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While snow white, Jon Slatterly looks ten years his senior with this post-production Mad Men inspired hairstyle. The trick is all in how you see your grey. For John, and his character Roger Sterling, this bespoke style commands respect. Harking back to the Americana era, the sides are short, with a mid-length flat top up front. Here, the style is messy and fun, and natural products have been used to stop this from being too formal, and to add volume.

The addition of a clean white beard is also very becoming, and sets a consistent look that draws the eye, for all the right reasons. Minor contouring of the bead stops Slatterly from looking like Santa Claus, and adds depth that may otherwise be missing from white. His moustache is thick and trim, and the beard starts thin, and grows into a respectable line around the jaw, taking any unnecessary pounds off from this unsuspecting area.

2. George Clooney the Forever Grey

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It’s hard to think back to a time when George Clooney wasn’t grey. This is a great example of a transitional style, where the white of the beard creates an ombre (shading) effect, going from his dyed dark hair to white beard. Dying grey hair doesn’t mean have to mean covering every grey in sight, and offers up a lot of room for creative styling. Here, the color adds depth and character to an otherwise common cut.

While you can’t always choose where your grey comes in, you can choose where to highlight and accentuate using hair dye. As a rule, keep the tips of hair lighter than the roots. This will give a playful style that is effortless. George has left his beard to grow into his designer stubble that women adore, making this a great look that’s low maintenance. Dying the top layer of hair and leaving the sides natural grey also adds depth, stopping his facial features from drowning out in all the white.

3. Jeff Bridges Will Always Be The Dude

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Bridges has always been an inspiration from many men, but his ability to age with style and grace makes him a double threat. This style shows that you can dare to grow longer when grey without risking it all. The trick to maintain a sense of decorum, so not to overwhelm the face with so much hair. Again, we see Bridges has opted in for the grey, lighter ends with  his natural color at the roots and on his head.

4. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

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For a while, anything Frick did, Frack followed, and recently, these brothers from other mothers are back at it again, and it’s a win. Matt Damon looks great in grey and shows why going grey does not mean you necessarily look older. In fact, he looks much younger and fresh faced with the all-over grey. The consistent color means you can choose a strong style and it’ll pull it all together. The complimentary stubble also works well, keeping it fun.

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Ben Affleck has also being going grey for a while, with his salt and pepper look taking the critics votes all the way to the Oscars. It’s hard to believe these once youngsters to the movie scenes are now taken with a pinch of respect, but we think it’s all down to the grey hair and how they carry themselves. Grey is mature, not aging. It’s demure, but also fun. It’s a great balance for the professional, and the protégé. Now if we could just work out which is which!

5. Even The Young Are Having Grey Haired Fun

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You might think that grey hair is only something older men have to deal with, but you can go grey at any time. So much so that many men are actually turning to the bottle to find their grey hair first. Over the years, punks have been testing out DIY hair dye kits in the attempts to find the one color that is shocking, surprising, daring or a little bit different. Little did they know that it wasn’t a color at all, but grey.

Do You Think You’ll Be Going Grey This Summer? Leave A Comment And Let Us Know How Your Grey Hair Is Shining; Are You An All Over Tidy Whitey, or Peppering Into a Powerhouse