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Awesome Asian Hairstyles for Men

Asian hair is resilient hair. For some, it can be the bane of hair existence. It’s poker straight, thin but plenty, and impossible to make sit still or flat. If you have Asian hair, you totally know what I mean when I say you can flatten it in one direction, and it springs into action, back the other way. The great news is the right cut can make all this disappear. Styling is a helpful back up, but without the right haircut, you will not achieve these awesome Asian hairstyles for men.


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As your Asian hair probably has a mind of its own, understanding its personality is a terrific way to arm your hairdresser with the right advice. Barbers may not have the skills or equipment to cut these mid-length men’s hairstyles, so shop around for a quality unisex salon that specialize in cutting Avant-Garde hairstyles. If your hair tends to stand on end, embrace that and go for a trendy cut with tons of volume. If it’s limp, check these options out and pick one that you like.

Your hairstyle is all about expressing who you are, and Male Standard is here to help you become the man you want others to see!

Style Tip 1: Embrace Your Volume


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Choosing a hairstyle that has lots of volume can help distract from the straightness or thickness of Asian hair. By fading the back to a clean point, the face is accentuated, without running into mullet territory. The bangs are strong and define the jaw line creating a strong and masculine appearance. Most Asian men can pull off this simple but bold style. Use a thickening product to boost the roots and give moderate lasting hold through the day.


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Curly styles are also a fantastic choice for Asian men who aren’t scared to sit in the salon chair and explore the world of permanent perms or curling products. While you will need heated tools and heat protectors (these can be highly damaging), this can give you a whole new area of hair exploration to toy with. Keeping curly hairstyles short and thick on top is a fantastic choice for modern Asian men.

Style 2: Choose Angular, Fitted Hairstyles


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If you’re looking for something radical, give into angular styles, and off the wall shapes to create something complete unique. Many Asian guys are enthusiastic when it comes to trying out new shapes and styles, which gives these amazing hairstyles all the confidence they need. Ask your hairdresser to use razors to finish this blunt, choppy look. You can also add in shorter layers to make the texture more compelling. Just add a styling wax and go!

Style 3: Challenge Your Hairstyle


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If having black or brown hair is beginning to bore you, take a step into the wild side and explore the opportunities of blonde-haired people. The tricks to pulling off this style are to know which blonde highlights your specific skin tone, and find a harmonizing yellow or white to match. This can be a surprisingly natural looking hairstyle, or can be an extremely fun way to try something more daring. Many Asian guys pull this look off with ease.

Style 4: Using Reds, Blues, and Purples


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If blonde isn’t your thing, then adding red and different brown hues can liven up a hairstyle and make it more attractive. Here, the thickness has been accentuated with layering in the top and a neat crop on the sides. The color adds drama to an otherwise inconspicuous, work friendly hairstyle. If you’re feeling bold, then purples and blues are also notable accenting colors, and work remarkably well with Asian skin tones to create wearable styles.


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Style 5: The Classic Mohawk

The Mohawk or Faux Hawk has been a dependable style choice for Asian men as the hair texture and thickness mean a proper cut will reduce hours of styling time. This dramatic style is fun, and youthful, and can be worn with or without styling products for two different takes. You can also add color and texture to the Hawk, to suit your mood, and will be gifted with a modern style that’s easy to maintain.


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The incredible thing about the Hawk is that you can change it to suit your personality. Some guys will cash in on the shorter, blunter trend while others will have fun with the longer more daring styles. There truly aren’t any boundaries, and your imagination is your only limitation with these popular summer hairstyle. Just be sure to plan around your hair type and time for styling each day, and you won’t go wrong!


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