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The Top 5 Best Short Hairstyles for Men

Selecting one of the best short hairstyles for men can help break the habit of bad hair days, and offer a surprisingly flexible choice of looks. In recent times, short hairstyles have become far trendier, with many turning to these classic styles for strong, masculine styles. If you’re frustrated with the awkward growing out phase, or looking to rekindle a spark with a shorter do, then let Male Standard introduce you to what’s hot right now.

Some things to consider when chopping it all off are the haircut itself, and how much time you can dedicate to styling. Just because you have less hair, does not mean that all these styles will have dramatically less styling time. You might even be surprised to find that some can actually take longer, but do not let that put you off. Look at the top five suggestions below and let us help you find one that suits your face type and lifestyle for a match made in hair heaven.

Below are five outstanding examples of modern, short hairstyles:

1. Be Romantic

The first top short hairstyle is a re-vamp on a classic boyish cut, where the sides and top are blended to accentuate the top layers. The style comes from the short, sideways swooping bangs, which add a dash of British charm to this romantic look (and a little extra length around the top). Ask your stylist to keep it trim, and take this picture to show how you intend the bangs to sit so they can work their hair magic.

Styling is minimal, and guys with straight and thick or thin hair can carry this look off by simply taming the bangs into shape. If you have curly hair, then accentuating the curls will also work for this style, though the end look will be even more exaggerated (which is awesome). Products that create a matte finish and that offer reasonable style and hold will see you through the day; making you look as if you hopped out of the Tardis effortlessly at a moment’s notice.

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2. Be Charming

This next style is an American twist on the boyish cropped look, bringing the lengths around the head much shorter, and is ideal for straight, curly, or thicker hair types who find it difficult to tame and maintain their style throughout the day.  This is a terrific look for high-flyers, think New York Wall Street chic. Ask your hairdresser to part, and then cut the hair to ensure that styling is straightforward and charming.

While a great haircut never goes out of fashion, this short style works wonders with naturally messy hair and uses texture to its advance. Frizz serum and curl control product are all you need to get this cut off to a great start, but those looking to imitate would benefit from one of many texturizing gels and balms to add a tousled look to this equation. Styling is as easy as mussing up the hair throughout the day, then calming back into place for added bounce.

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3. Be Daring

For those looking for a statement style, a daring short hair cut is not something that will get you kicked out of the office anymore, so take advantage of this sharp, short style that is big on total impact. Styling is a combination of a quality cut (where the sides are cut back to a 2 or 3), and where the hair on top is less of a Mohawk, and more curled into a chic modern quiff. This might take some perseverance, but your desire to stand out won’t hold you back.

Keep the use of products light and matte, restricted to the middle parting which is combed and curled to one side. Regular trims will keep the edges sharp and clean, adding drama to this top piece. The bangs are turned away from the face, making this a durable style, just be careful not to let the hair grow out to long, as you might be confused with a Seattle scenester. This is ideal for straight or curly hair types and easy to maintain.

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4. Be Bold

Whether a matter of personal taste, or the belief that this is the only option when cutting your hair short, the buzz cut rarely seems to go out of fashion. The key difference in making this style look great and not gangster (unless that’s your thing) is to ensure a quality haircut. This style is all in the cut, and good fading is not always easy to find. Look around for a local barber who is experienced in fading to get the right shape and style for your head; then, wash and go!

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5. Be Different

The last top tip we want to share with you demonstrates how even shorter hairstyles can stand out from the rest, and this one is a real crowd pleaser! A combination of a rugged buzz cut and a sleek modern flat top, this is what we think MC Hammer should be sporting now that the 80’s have finally died. All hair types can rock this larger than life style, and regular trims will keep it sleek and in shape.

Some styling is required depending on your hair type, and those with thick unruly hair will appreciate the flexibility this style offers. Use a volumizing mouse or gel and work the product into the roots to boot the height. Keep the sides less than a 2 and the top no longer than a few inches for fear of falling back into the decades. Use a comb, and possibly hair straighteners to tease the bangs into place, and you are all done!

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So There You Have It Gents, Five Uniquely Brilliant Hairstyles That Suit Every Hair Type. Leave A Comment Below And Let Us Know Which The Best Short Hairstyles Are For You!