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The Best Hair Tools for Men

When styling hair, there’s more to life than wax or gel. Having the proper equipment can help you get the professional style you want, and help tackle those annoying problems you might be facing (such as wavy, frizzy hair). The great thing about hair tools, is that the style lasts much longer (up to a week), and can tame unmanageable hair over the long run. This is because you manipulate the hair shaft, allowing it to “spring back” to shape.

The bad news is that any form of heat is drying and damaging, so always invest in a quality heat protector that you can apply to wet or dry hair before using heated tools. These can be sprays, oils, or gels. Each product will have specific instructions, but typically, a dime-sized amount is more than enough. Always comb your hair through before using the tools. If your hair feels greasy or oily, use fewer products.

Most men are confidant using these awesome hair tools as needed:

1. GHD 1” Classic Styler 

The GHD Classic Styler is easily the best hair straightener in the world. Used in most salons, these ceramic plated straighteners protect the hair when reaching temperatures of over 400 degrees within seconds. This will give you a long lasting, sleek, and straight style. The smaller barrel style means that you can get to the hair roots, style bangs, and won’t be heating excessive chunks of hair at once.

Tips for using hair straighteners for men:

  • Wash and dry your hair before straightening
  • Apply a heat protectant product to damp or dry hair
  • Separate your hair into thin sections, working from the roots to the end
  • Turn the hair straightener inward or out to create waves and curls

You can view a men’s hair straightening tutorial here.

Photo credit: Ulta

2. HAI Classic SST (Super Silver Tourmaline) Hair Dryer

As heat can damage your hair, HAI created a hairdryer that can dry your hair in half the time, effectively reducing half the damage. This ergonomic design means that you can style your hair easily, using the heat to set the style without causing frizzy dry or damaged hair. In the barrel, you will see the ion ceramic patented design, which leaves hair shiny, glossy, and healthy, without the need for tens of products.

Tips for using a hairdryer on men’s hair:

  • Wait until you hair is almost dry before using a hairdryer
  • Apply a heat protectant product to damp hair before drying
  • Avoid the temptation to blast hair in every direction, this disrupts the follicles
  • Start from the back working forward, and use a comb for longer length hair
  • Use the cold heat setting once hair is dry to set the style
  • Never dry your hair for longer that is necessary

You can view a straight style tutorial here.

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3. Revlon’s Professional Ceramic Diffuser

Revlon’s professional ceramic diffuser is an attachment that fits onto most hairdryers, and allows men with curly hair to dry their hair and retain natural, vibrant curls. Revlon also use ceramic technology, to make sure that the hair is sleek and shiny, reducing the total airflow and heat so that the curls are not abused. Unlike using a hairdryer on its own, you will use circular motions to boost the curls into shape.

How to use a diffuser:

  • Use on damp hair
  • Add a heat protectant and curling product if desired
  • Turn the heat down to low, both temperature and pressure
  • Apply circular motions, scrunching the hair until the hair is dry
  • Style the curls using a wide-tooth comb after drying

Here is a men’s curly hair tutorial.

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4. Andis Master (Original)

Andis create a line of professional at home razors, with different blade lengths for different pro techniques, which can keep shorter styles in check without visiting a salon. The original Andis is the best clipper that will meet most men’s demands; the Andis Fade Master offers more flexibility and lengths, and the Andis Phat Master includes the larger size to get your at home barber fades easily.

  • Choose the clipper and blade to suit the style you are looking for
  • Alternate the blade length and clippers to differentiate between the hair “fade”
  • Choose from fading up or fading down, to get different short styles
  • Learn how to use oil, and maintain quality blades before use
  • Go slow, take your time, and practice to get expert cuts

How to care for your clippers correctly.

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5. Men’s Boar Bristle Brushes

Boar bristle brushes are the highest quality money can buy, and for good reason! If you have thinning, dry hair, then these could be your redeeming feature. You can use them on any hair type or length to achieve thicker, fuller hair. The men’s brushes are thinner, have a heavier set handle, and are more comfortable to use when styling. Always use brushes on dry hair, as wet hair is easily damaged.

Tips on brushing thinning hair:

  • Brush the hair, focusing on the scalp to stimulate the scalp
  • Brush hair at least once a day, or as needed
  • Brush hair for at least 60 seconds, massaging the scalp
  • Do not use boar bristle brushes on wet or damp hair
  • You do not need to use a shine serum or spray after

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For more hands on advice on how to style and groom every hair type, pick up your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming for expert tips and tricks!