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The Top Mad Men Hairstyles

With AMC’s Mad Men raking in the TV ratings, it’s not just the storyline that’s catching Male Standards attention. These serious men have some seriously stylish hairstyles. Taking the classic short back and sides to epic proportions, slicked back and accented curls have never looked so masculine. Now you can learn how to style the top mad men hairstyles at home, and bring an air of sophistication to your living quarters.

What we also love about these styles is that they suit almost any face shape and that all men will benefit from a slick new haircut, especially with summer coming. These styles are classic for a reason; they look great, are easy to style, and only take a good haircut to bring out the best features. Take a look at some of the options below, and call and book an appointment with your barber today – you’ll be amazed that you did!

The Cast of Mad Men – Skinny Ties and All!

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1. The Don Draper Haircut

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This style is all in the cut; ask for tapering on the sides to pull in the style, but leave the top long to get that volume. To really pull this style off, ask your barber to cut your hair with a side parting (this style demands the respect of a quality part), so go big or go home. When styling this at home, apply the product to damp hair and smooth into shape. Use a comb to style the bangs up and back to get that slick Don Draper look.

Recommended product:

Brylcreem Original Hair Groom

Brylcreem is an older styling gel that you can still find online that gives hair that sleek, shiny appeal that compliments these styles. It has a refreshing yet masculine fragrance and holds hair in place all day long. As the packaging says, a little certainly will go a long way so apply small amounts before working up the complete style. For best effect, add Brylcreem to damp hair and set in place with heat.

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2. The Pete Campbell Haircut

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If you prefer Pete’s short crop, then go the same route as Don, and ask for tapering on the sides to keep this style trim, and ask for more to be taken off the top. This haircut requires a right side parting, which you will emphasize with a strong hold product and comb. This is a terrific look for smaller or more refined men, and the flick should not be as tall as other styles from the series – keep it low and in shape.

Recommended product:

American Crew Style Pomade (Official Styling Product of Mad Men)

To get the most authentic look, use the same product as Gloria Ponce and add American Crew Style Pomade to the bangs. This will give you the slick look, with maximum hold, and is not as greasy as other pomades on the market. Once the bangs are styled, use any left over to smooth the rest of the hair flat. The great thing about this pomade is that your hair will look healthy and won’t feel like you’re wearing a helmet like strong hold gels tend to achieve.

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3. The Roger Sterling

Photo credit: Felix Howard

Roger has the shorter and most styled hair of the show, to almost Military standards. This will benefit from a quality cut from a seasoned barber and will leave enough hair on the top to comb into the signature front. You want to make sure that the fading is done right so that you don’t end up with a bowl cut and that all you have to do when styling is add a smoothing serum to catch the flyaway hair.

Recommended product:

American crew Styling Gel Firm Hold Styling Cream

As this is a much shorter style, with less definition on the bangs, you can move away from heavy-duty products and into the firm hold hairspray category. This product will still give you the same signature Mad Men shine, without weighing hair down. Apply a small amount in your hands and smooth throughout the style. Brush into place and leave to set for a few minutes, a few Martinis, and you’ll be on your way!

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Tip: A great way to make sure that you get the style you want is to save this page and take it to your appointment so you can show your barber the photo. This will help them get the cut you want without playing guessing games.

So which of the top Mad Men hairstyles resonate with you? Will you be trying out one this summer? Let us know by leaving a comment below!