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What Causes Thinning Hair in Men?

Male pattern baldness (MPB) is a well-known hair loss condition, but what causes thinning hair in men and how can you stop it? While fewer men suffer from this form of Alopecia, and the inability to grow thick lustrous hair, many men find that natural changes in their environment can make a massive difference in their hair texture and thickness. Thankfully, whether you have been diagnosed with hair loss, or have flat lifeless hair, there is help at hand.

Suddenly, you can count every hair on your head…

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While using too many hair products and not enough cleansing products to wash them away can be a contributing factor to hair loss (as the residue clogs the scalp and its ability to grow new healthy hair), the most common factor is deficiency. As our hair and nails are not exactly the most critical factors for our survival, if you have a vitamin or protein deficiency, your body stops producing these properly to help save resources.

While that’s incredibly efficient of our bodies, we naturally lose these as we age; therefore hair loss is something you are likely to experience, especially as you get older.

How to Reverse the Signs of Thinning Hair in Men

Did you know the average man loses over 100 hairs every day? When you think about it, we all lose hair, but that doesn’t automatically mean it is a bad thing. This shedding phase is necessary to ensure that new hair can grow and that it retains moisture and protein. As hair is not alive, it is critical to invest in a hair care routine that protects the roots, as without looking after this area is it almost impossible to reverse the signs of damage that happen later.

The Bossley thinning starter repair pack is a three step pack for men with thinning hair and gets to the ‘root’ of the problem. Now you know what causes thinning hair, it’s easy to put these steps into place to reverse the signs and promote new thicker hair growth. Step 1 contains a deep cleansing shampoo to remove residue. Step 2 contains a stimulant that has a tingly effect on the scalp, improving blood flow. Step 3 replaces then replaces lost nutrients.

One thing that is necessary to note when fighting off thinning hair is that this is not an instant solution. You will have to wait for new hair to grow in, and that can vary between men and how fast your hair tends to grow. The exciting news is if you are consistent, and are able to provide your hair with the necessary vitamins and proteins to grow, there’s no reason why you cannot obtain naturally thicker, fuller hair.

Bossley Thinning Starter Repair Pack for Men

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Quick Tips to Thicker, Fuller Hair

If you are looking for fast results, then creating the appearance of thicker, fuller hair is the easiest way to stop worrying. There are tens of products on the market that will help you achieve a younger look, and combining these with the cleansing shampoo above means you won’t be damaging your new hair growth. When looking for products that won’t damage your hair, natural ingredients are your best bet.

TiGi are probably the best texturizing and hair thickening product producers on the market, but their new natural range caught our eye. You can check out the full collection of Male Standard product reviews here. What we like about these products is that they work but that they also do not contain parabens (which damage hair), artificial colors or synthetic fragrances which dry out hair. Keeping hair full of life, means hydrating.

When looking for quality styling products, texturizers and volume boosters give the appearance of more hair than there really is. This is a terrific way to keep hair in place, but also make it work harder to look better without much effort from your side. Apply these products to damp or dry hair, and work the product into the scalp. If you have longer, but thinner hair, turn your head upside down to lift and hold the roots in place.

TIGI Eco Freako Texturizer 2.65 oz.

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Peace and Love Hair Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

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No More ‘What Causes Thinning Hair’ in Men!

So the good news is that hair loss while normal can be overcome. You should aim to use both these methods to improve your new hair growth, and also to style your hair into a thicker, fuller style while that’s happening. Without giving it the right moisturizing conditioner (and vitamins and proteins), the results won’t be as dramatic. Look to natural products that contain less harsh chemicals to keep thinning hair in better condition.

To discover more about your body, and how male grooming can help enhance what nature gave you, look up the Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming!