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How to Pick Up the Bartender

Approaching a bartender can be difficult, believe it or not guys it’s feasible. Most female bartenders are confident, sarcastic, no BS girls. It’s important to understand the type of girl you’re dealing with before attempting to hit on her. Unfortunately as bartenders, we’ve seen many of you overly intoxicated, doing […]

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The Desert

Many of you may be asking yourself – what in the heck is The Desert? Those of you in the bar industry already know, but most people know the desert as a scorching area with endless miles of sand; the sun beats down on you and there’s nothing to drink […]

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Summer Essential Drink Guide

Is there a special lady you’d like to impress with your drink making skills? Are you and your buddies at a loss when it comes to taking something other than a straight shot? Do you like to host great parties with great drinks? If so, this guide is for you! […]