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Baltimore Tattoo Removal Makes Business from Disappearing Ink

Getting “inked” has become a rite of passage for millions of Americans, but it’s often a decision that comes with regret, especially as the years wear on. According to a Harris poll conducted in 2012, one in five adults in the U.S. has at least one tattoo, and the number is even higher for people under 40. Among those with tattoos, nearly 15 percent have expressed regret with their tattoo, the poll found.

Dr. George Gavrila, a physician practicing interventional endocrinology in Baltimore, has built a career in successful aging and aesthetics. Seeing the high demand for tattoo removal services in the mid-Atlantic region by qualified medical professionals, George decided to open his own business, Baltimore Tattoo Removal, to address widespread “tattoo regret.”

“Nationwide, the tattoo removal business is booming,” said Gavrila. “But within the industry, there’s a lack of medically trained, healthcare professionals who specialize in removing tattoos. Baltimore Tattoo Removal is now the only practice in the area solely dedicated to tattoo removal services that is also run by well trained, licensed physicians.”

Located at 9515 Deerco Road, Suite 208, in Timonium, Baltimore Tattoo Removal is the first in the Baltimore region to incorporate the Astanza Duality Laser system into its practice. The active q-switching feature of the Astanza Duality Laser is an essential technology to achieve the consistent, high-intensity energy pulses required to shatter tattoo ink particles. The Astanza Duality is an Nd:YAG laser that functions at two crucial wavelengths to successfully remove the complete spectrum of tattoo ink colors. Paired together, the q-switching power and Nd:YAG versatility of the Astanza Duality Laser allow for faster results for Baltimore Tattoo Removal patients and enables the removal of the widest range of tattoos.

“Baltimore Tattoo Removal has the very best in laser technology,” said Amelia Smith, marketing manager for Astanza Laser. “The duality laser features exceptionally high peak power for removing stubborn tattoos, dual wavelengths for treating a wide variety of tattoo ink colors, and a revolutionary square-shaped beam for improved patient safety, even on darker skin tones. They have a powerful laser that can completely remove tattoos that others can only lighten. Thanks to this advanced technology, Dr. Gavrila and his team are able to fully remove tattoos that other clinics in the area can’t.”

Additionally, Baltimore Tattoo Removal’s physicians have adopted a method of removing tattoos that is virtually pain free. Using the Zimmer Cryo 6, Dr. Gavrila and his team are able to chill the patient’s skin to help ease any discomfort, and they also offer local anesthesia as well.

On Saturday, September 14th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Baltimore Tattoo Removal will be offering free tattoo removal services to the first 25 patients who sign up in celebration of its grand opening. For more information, or to sign up for a chance to win a free tattoo removal session, call (410) 458-8383 or visit

About Baltimore Tattoo Removal  

Baltimore Tattoo Removal is committed to providing a patient-centered tattoo removal experience that is safe, effective, and affordable. By utilizing the latest innovations in switched laser technology, coupled with the scientific backing of the Kirby Desai Tattoo Removal Scale, our licensed physicians can tailor a tattoo removal plan that is individualized based on your specific tattoo. Factors such as ink quality, skin type and pigment, location of tattoo, and lifestyle all are pieces of the equation that becomes your personalized tattoo removal experience. Patients come first, tattoos come off.

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