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The Best Designer Glasses for Men

You might be wondering what designer glasses for men and grooming have in common, but as any man who needs glasses knows, everything! Your glasses become a part of your personality and your attire. They can enhance your eyes, not just your vision. Glasses, when worn correctly can become a major focal point, framing your face.

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The Best Hiking Boots for Men (New Picks 2020)

If the warm weather makes you want to get out there and explore the unknown terrain, you’re not alone. In fact, scientists say we’re more active in summers month, and that men who live in the warmer, most Southern hemisphere are less likely to gain weight, be overweight, or suffer from heart conditions so being fit and active could cost you big time.

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Style Guide: The Best Felt Hats for Men

If you’re looking for a stylish upgrade to your closet that won’t break the bank, we present to you the ever-faithful felt hat. Unlike top hats that are too formal and baseball caps, which are too casual (and should only be worn at sporting events), the felt hat is a game-changer.

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Step Up Your Summer Sneaker Shoe Game!

Business casual was once a phrase that invoked anxiety, and with good reason; no one really knew what business casual was, and no one knew where to draw the line. Was it at short sleeve shirts? How about wearing denim in the workplace? Thankfully, we’ve come a long way, and […]

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Choosing the Right Blazer for Spring & Summer

Springtime is all about rejuvenation; the winter months recede, and newness abounds. From those first glimpses of fresh foliage to lambs in the fields, it’s easy to see why Springtime is one of the most nostalgic times of the year. It also happens to be the perfect time to put […]